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   Chapter 116 The Truth Is Revealed

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However, Andrew was suffering in his heart.

Every day when they had dinner, he silently looked at Ashley's lovely face. He wanted to talk to her to ease the tension between them, but he didn't know what to say.

Every morning when they went to work, he left before Ashley and waited in his car until she came out of the house. Then, he would quietly watch her walk to catch the bus, and he would drive slowly to follow her.

Every night, he was unable to sleep peacefully if Ashley was not sleeping by his side. Only when she was asleep did he go into the bedroom and lie down next to her. And the next morning, he left when she was about to wake up.

Andrew's sudden display of affection startled Ashley. She pushed him away and said, "What do you want to do?" She cast a quick glance at Ellie uneasily. After making sure that Ellie hadn't noticed her closeness with Andrew, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Not expecting Ashley to thrust him away, Andrew felt frustrated and angry. However, he remained silent because he didn't want to provoke her. He just glared at her.

Ashley was embarrassed by Andrew's unwavering gaze, but she didn't know what to say because they were still in a stand-off. She pressed her lips together and didn't say a word.

She was surprised that Andrew was able to find her so quickly this time. She suspected that he was spying on her again.

Reading her expression, Andrew guessed what she was thinking. He said earnestly, "I'm not spying on you, and I didn't do it the last time either. I just wanted to know what you had been doing lately, so I sent Johnny to investigate that. I didn't mean to spy on you.

By the way, when I saw the pictures of you and Greyson having dinner and going to the supermarket together the last time, I lashed out at you just because I was jealous of him. I didn't do it deliberately. I'm sorry, Ash."

Andrew sincerely apologized, looking at her with innocent eyes.

Although he seemed calm on the surface, Andrew was very upset. His hands were clenched and

t me go." After a while, she pushed him away.

"Ellie is still waiting for me there." Not paying attention to Andrew's discontent, Ashley left him. Feeling embarrassed, Andrew followed her.

Ashley came to Ellie hurriedly and found her waiting sullenly. At that moment, she felt it was not a good time to explain the whole thing to her.

"Ellie, it's all a bit complicated. Can I explain it to you later?" Ashley asked in a low voice.

Ellie looked at her, and remained quiet.

Ashley was convinced that she was mad at her.

Ashley felt disappointed. She had planned to explain the whole thing to Ellie at some point. But now, Andrew had got her into trouble. How could she explain that?

Ashley couldn't help but shoot a stern look at Andrew. She did blame him for revealing their marriage boldly to her best friend without thinking.

Coincidentally, Andrew was staring right back at her, his eyes full of innocence.

Ashley felt confused and helpless.

"Boss, can we go back now? You have an important meeting tomorrow..."

Seeing that the tension between Andrew and Ashley began to abate, Johnny couldn't help but remind Andrew of tomorrow's meeting.

Besides, it was so late now, and it was time to go back. There would be so many things to deal with at work tomorrow.

Andrew just stared at Ashley quietly without saying a word.

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