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   Chapter 115 Andrew Came To L City

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Once Andrew was out of sight, the middle-aged woman let out a deep breath. She mumbled, "What a pity! That man is incredibly handsome, but he looks so creepy!"

The minute Andrew reached the first floor, his phone rang. He whipped it out, and when he saw it was Johnny calling, he answered it instantly. "Where is she?" he demanded, striding to his car.

Johnny swallowed nervously. He finally understood what was going on with his boss. 'Turns out Miss Mu is off to L City without telling him, ' he thought worriedly.

"Boss, Miss Mu went to L City by train at four o'clock this afternoon," Johnny reported.

Andrew was already in his car. He narrowed his eyes, lost in thought. 'L City? I've never heard about it.'


"Are you going to L City, boss?" Johnny asked in disbelief. He was so shocked that he almost dropped his cell phone on the ground.

Andrew ignored his chatty assistant's question. Wasting no time, he disconnected the call and opened the navigation.

And on the other hand, Johnny paced back and forth with a scowl on his face.

'Boss is heading to L City?

Oh, what the heck is going on with him and Miss Mu? Miss Mu, why did you go to L City suddenly?' he pondered.

After Andrew hung up the phone, Johnny called Ashley several times but she didn't answer the phone.

Johnny slid into his car and called Andrew. When he picked up the phone, Johnny suggested, "Boss, I don't think it's a good idea for you to drive there alone. After all, you've never been to L City before. How about I drive you there? Where are you?"

Andrew considered his assistant's proposition. 'He has a point. I know nothing about that city. Even if I get there, I can't find Ashley, ' he brooded.

Andrew gave Johnny his location. It took his assistant several minutes to meet him.

Johnny took the driver's seat, while Andrew settled himself in the backseat. Staring at Ashley's phone number, he hesitated for a moment before dialing her number.

"Sorry, the number you have dialed is busy. Please try again later..." came the automated reply from a sweet female

d complete her sentence, Andrew interrupted her.

"I'm her husband," Andrew introduced himself.

Ashley buried her face in her hands. 'This is not good, ' she thought.

"I will explain to you later, Ellie. Stay here and wait for me. I'll be right back," she said, composing herself. She sprinted towards Andrew and pulled him aside into a corner.

Regardless of the fact that she and Andrew were still in a cold war, she arched her eyebrows and asked, "What are you doing here, Andrew?"

He hadn't taken his eyes off Ashley since he caught sight of her. He took pleasure in the frown on her pretty face and the surprise in her voice. The corners of his mouth lifted.

On his way to L City, he had imagined a thousand scenarios in which Ashley had reacted differently once he found Ashley. But this was unexpected.

'It turns out that she came to L City for Ellie not because she wanted to leave me, ' he thought feeling somewhat placated.

"I've come for you," he replied, taking her in his arms. He and Ashley had been in a cold war for days. In fact, he had wanted to talk to her and hug her like this.

But scared that it might infuriate her further, he had given up this idea. He didn't want to do anything that would make her detest him, fear him or even run away from him. As a result, he had a long face when she was around and pretended as if he didn't care about her.

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