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   Chapter 114 Crazy Andrew

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Ashley didn't give the coat back to Ellie in the end. After all, she had started trembling now due to the cold.

Although it was summer, the temperature here varied greatly in a day. Ashley, however, forgot about that when she left for L City in the afternoon. It was indeed cold for her especially since she only wore a light T-shirt.

After about 10 minutes, the bus that the girls had been waiting for finally arrived. Only a few people were waiting for the bus, so there were many empty seats to choose from. Ashley and Ellie picked the two seats by the window.

"Ellie, what happened? Normally you would have come back by now. What took you so long this time?" Ashley asked.

Ellie told her the truth. "Well, my grandpa fell and broke his ankle a few days ago. And you know about his heart disease. How could I leave him alone in the hospital? I needed to stay here to look after my grandpa. That's why I have stayed for a few more days than I usually did."

"But why didn't you answer my calls? Do you know how worried I was about you because you didn't return my calls?"

"Come on! Do you know how busy I am? I need to take care of my grandpa in the hospital and my grandma at home. I have little time to check my phone. Plus, I usually keep my phone at home. I was in the hospital when you called me.

But why did you rush here all of a sudden? What about our shop? Did you take care of everything?"

Ashley nodded and answered, "Of course I did." She already took care of everything when she left.

"Oh no!" Ashley shrieked all of a sudden.

Her cry made all the other passengers turn and look at them.

Ellie turned and was greeted with a distressed look on Ashley's face. "What's wrong?" she asked.

Ashley looked at her best friend for a few seconds, and then shook her head. She decided not to tell Ellie that she was married, because it didn't feel like it was the right time.

Ashley was perturbed.

She suddenly remembered that she had not told Andrew that she went to L City. She was worried that Andrew might be angry at her even though the ice hadn't broken yet

They were married now and no matter what happened, it was an undisputed fact that she was his wife.

Andrew got into his car and sped off. En route he called Johnny, "Find out where she is now!"

Johnny knew that his plans for the evening were ruined when he got Andrew's order on the phone. Originally, Johnny had planned to relax after work, but this sudden turn of events meant that it was no longer possible.

When Andrew hung up, Johnny suddenly realized something strange.

Although Andrew's voice was cold as usual, Johnny could sense something different in his tone this time.

Andrew reached the neighborhood where Ashley was living before moving in with him. When he arrived at her apartment, he began knocking urgently on the door, and yelling her name.

"Ashley! Ashley! Open the door!"

The neighbors were woken up by the racket he created. When they came out and saw Andrew pounding on the door like a lunatic, a woman complained, "Stop that! Neither of them is at home."

Andrew stopped when he heard her voice. He turned to her and asked, "Have you seen a woman, around 20 years old, come back today?"

When she saw Andrew's face, she was utterly infatuated with him. 'Oh my! What a cute guy!' she gushed to herself.

But in the next instant she got scared of his stern expression. She didn't dare to even look at him while replying, "No. Nobody came back today."

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