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   Chapter 113 Worry

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Ellie pursed her lips and replied, "She isn't doing well."

"What's going on with Ashley? Did something happen to her?" Laura asked her granddaughter with a worried look. An anxious expression settled on her wrinkled face.

"It is yours and Grandpa's fault. She misses you dearly, but you and Grandpa refused to come to J City and move in with us. Of course she isn't doing well," Ellie replied.

Laura was relieved. She poked Ellie's forehead and said, "You naughty kid."

"Grandma, please come to J City with me. That way, I and Ashley can take care of you and Grandpa," Ellie proposed sweetly, as she took a seat next to her grandma and leaned her head on her shoulder.

"You need to go to work. If we live there, we would disturb your daily life. Besides, your grandpa and I have lived here for most of our lives. We're not young and we might die any time. All we want is to spend the rest of our lives here," Laura responded with a sigh.

She knew why Ellie had invited her and her husband to move in with her, but she was old and she didn't want to be her granddaughter's burden. Besides, she knew her own health. Knowing that she might only have a couple of years left, she refused Ellie's invitation for she didn't want to cause her any trouble.

"Please don't say that, Grandma. You and Grandpa will live to be a hundred. Promise me that you will never say that again," Ellie replied in earnest, as she turned her head upwards to look at her grandma.

Laura was amused by her expression. With a cordial smile, she replied indulgently, "Fine, my little Ellie. I promise that I will never say that again. All right?"

Ellie nodded her head approvingly.

"Ellie, when you went to the hospital, you left your phone at home. It vibrated many times. Someone must have some urgent work with you," Laura added, as she grabbed Ellie's cell phone from the table and gave it to her.

"I see," Ellie replied.

She swiped the screen to unlock the phone and found that she had missed dozens of calls from Ashley.

"It was Ashley. Perhaps she has s

itting somewhere, ' she thought.

The instant Ellie arrived at the train station, she glanced around to look for Ashley. "Well, I am at the train station. Where are you?" she asked as she couldn't see her pal anywhere.

"I am at exit B!" Ashley gushed, as she jumped to her feet and waved at Ellie who was standing at the entrance of the station.

Ellie trotted over to her, took off her coat and put it on her. "You're not a total idiot. You knew to stay here and wait for me," she joked.

Ashley simply rolled her eyes. 'Is she complimenting me or insulting me?' she wondered. Ashley stared at Ellie, feeling a little irked.

She was about to snap back but another sneeze stopped her. Taking note of the displeasure on Ellie's face, Ashley swallowed her words.

Ellie grabbed her hand and they walked towards the exit.

As an undeveloped city, there were few cabs in L City. It was hard to hail a taxi here.

It was just after seven o'clock, so they could still take bus. Ellie pulled Ashley towards the bus stop and they waited for the bus.

Seeing that Ellie was wearing just a T-shirt now, Ashley said, "You can take your coat back. I'm fine. I'm not feeling cold."

Ellie cast an exasperated look at Ashley.

Ashley was speechless when she met her gaze. 'Why is she looking at me like this? She makes me feel like an idiot, ' she grumbled to herself.

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