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   Chapter 112 Plan

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After finally persuading her grandpa to have some food, Ellie got out of the ward.

"Doctor, how's my grandpa doing?" Ellie asked as she entered the doctor's office, worried.

The doctor recognized Ellie. He had seen her rush to the hospital when that old man was sent here. And since then, she had stayed in the hospital to take care of him. This devotion was rare in this time and age.

"To be frank, his illness can't be cured in our hospital given our current capability. All we can do now is use medicine to prevent his condition from getting worse.

But all medicines have side effects. Even though the medicines we are giving him will allow him to live for months or, at most, a year, his health is going to inevitably get worse. Besides, he's at such an old age that his organs are weak and his ability to absorb medicine is not as good as younger people."

Ellie felt a crushing weight of sorrow as she heard what the doctor had said.

She had deep love for her grandpa, and she hadn't yet gotten the chance to show her respect for him. She didn't expect such a thing to happen to her and didn't know what to do.

But Ellie saw a silver lining in what the doctor had said. She looked up at the doctor in anticipation and said, "You said my grandpa couldn't be cured in your hospital. Do you mean he has a chance of surviving in other hospitals?" Ellie had never been as desperate as she was now.

"Yes. You can see for yourself. The devices we have here are creaky. Maybe your grandpa can be healed if you manage to send him to the more reputed hospitals in J City. They have medical facilities that are way better than ours.

But remember one thing: your grandpa is old and can't afford a long, tiring journey. You may have to think it over if you decide to take him to J City. Also, the cost of treatment in J City is much higher than what you spend here. I'm afraid it's beyond your budget." Watching Ellie take care of her grandpa had told the doctor that she was

thered her with love ever since she was a child. Though her family had never been rich, her grandparents had worked hard to earn money so they could afford her tuition fee. She lived up to their expectations and had been admitted to a famous college in J City where she had met Ashley.

It was impossible for Ellie to return to J City after what had happened to her grandparents. She had worked for the Luo Group for a few years. Because of Ashley's relationship with Raymond, she had saved a large amount of money. So now, she had the financial ability to afford the cost of the treatment.

The only wish she had now was for her grandparents to be in good health.

"Grandma, please say yes. Come to J City with me, so that Ashley and I can take care of you."

Hearing Ellie talk about Ashley, Laura smiled and asked, "How's Ashley doing?"

Ashley had come here before with Ellie. Ellie's grandparents had treated Ashley kindly, like she were their own granddaughter, which made Ashley feel the warmth of family. She liked them a lot and was very fond of them.

Ellie was happy to hear her grandma mention Ashley because that was exactly what she wanted to see. It proved that her grandma liked Ashley.

Ashley didn't have biological parents to love her since she was a child, so Ellie treated her like a sister.

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