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   Chapter 111 In L City

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Claire could clearly see that Andrew was really nice to Ashley and that Ashley also cared about him. She just didn't know what had happened to the couple to make them act like this.

"No, Claire. Why do you ask?" Ashley asked as she ate, surprised that Claire had noticed.

"It is obvious. I can see that. You haven't talked to Mr. Lu once these past few days. And didn't you use to go to work together before? So why do you go separately now?"

Ashley hadn't thought that Claire would be so observant. She still wanted to keep the truth under wraps and said, "It isn't proper to speak while eating, so we don't talk at such times.

We don't go to work together because we don't go to the same place. His company is in the opposite direction to the place where I work. So I think it's not appropriate to bother him and I don't ask him to drive me."

It could be said that Ashley was good at giving random excuses.

But Claire was clever. She was older and had lived longer than them, with a variety of life experiences. She could see through everything about them and was even clearer about the situation than the couple.

She knew that what Ashley had said was partly true and partly false.

"Miss Mu, to be frank, Mr. Lu does care about you. No matter what has happened between you two, he is still concerned about you.

He did something for your own good, but he didn't know how to express his feelings. Maybe he talked tough, but he meant only good for you.

I can see that Mr. Lu is not good at expressing his feelings, but in front of you, he talks more, so please try to understand him when he doesn't.

If there is something wrong, just talk to him and explain things to him clearly. I believe Mr. Lu is easy to get along with." Ashley hadn't noticed this, but Claire had.

Every time they had dinner, Andrew would look at Ashley, with obvious love in his eyes.

Sometimes he wanted to say somethi

dpa, eat it now. I will go back after you recover. Ashley is there, and she can handle everything. It's fine. Just relax."

"I am so old and don't really need to be in hospital. What's more, I don't feel like staying here. I want to stay at home. Ellie, ask the doctor to let us leave. Let's go home," the old man pleaded.

"Grandpa!" Ellie said calmly, "I have money. I've made a lot of money these past years. And nothing is more important to me than your health. You are old and need to take care of your health. You need to see me getting married and to look after my child. Right?

So please eat something now. I made it. Please give it a try and see if it is delicious."

The old man was stubborn and turned his head, unwilling to eat.

Ellie sighed. She knew why she was stubborn. It looked like she had learnt all of it from her grandpa.

Ellie softened. She had to compromise one way or another, so she said gently, "Grandpa, eat now. We will leave hospital tomorrow if you eat this now, OK? You know you have stayed here for a long time, and it takes time to apply to leave hospital, right? You have to eat first."

As he heard Ellie's words, the old man turned back and stared at her. "Really?"

Ellie nodded. "Yes, Grandpa. When have I ever lied to you?"

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