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   Chapter 110 A Fight

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7436

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When Andrew saw the pictures of Raymond almost kissing Ashley, he gripped the expensive pen in his hand so hard that he broke it. Anyone in his vicinity would suffocate in the cold aura he was giving off.

'The Luo family. Raymond Luo! He is so good. How dare he covet my wife?' he sneered inwardly.

The Luo family had no idea how badly they had messed with Andrew because of Raymond constantly bugging Ashley.

But it was too late. It wasn't difficult for Andrew to take down the Luo family.

But when he saw the pictures of Ashley dodging and slapping Raymond, he was slightly appeased. In spite of that, he was still upset.

After Andrew had looked at all the documents related to his wife that Johnny had turned in, he left his study, phone in hand. When he spotted Ashley sitting downstairs, a mixed look crossed his eyes.

The picture on his phone screen was of Greyson and Ashley eating hot pot, in which Ashley had burst into merry laughter and added food to his plate. 'She doesn't laugh like that or add food to my plate when she dines with me, ' Andrew thought, jealousy fermenting within him.

Andrew had no idea when Ashley had gotten involved with Greyson, or that she had leased the bakery with Greyson's help.

As he thought of this, anger blazed in his heart and a smoldering frustration took hold of him. 'Why didn't she ask me for help?

I have more resources than Greyson has, and I could have found her the best shops.

I know Greyson's type very well. He's into playing tricks on people and causing trouble. The bigger the trouble he stirs, the happier he gets. A real troublemaker. But why would he agree to give her a hand?' he brooded. What bothered him most was the relationship between Ashley and Greyson.

He started to suspect whether the pretty woman Greyson often mentioned was his wife.

A great number of assumptions ran through his mind. Defeated by fury and jealousy, he stormed down the stairs. He wordlessly grabbed Ashley's hand, pulled her upstairs, and as they entered their bedroom, he threw her onto the soft bed.

What Andrew didn't know was that Ashley and Greyson were just friends.

Ashley had no idea what was going on with Andrew. They did seem to have g

to marry Andrew.

She felt exhausted. She was dying to find someone to talk to face to face. But Ellie had gone to her hometown and there wasn't anybody else who fit the bill.

Right now, she was regretting getting married. Before Andrew had entered her life, she had Ellie by her side. Back then, she led a happy life and was satisfied with her company.

Since their argument that night, Ashley and Andrew had gotten into a cold war.

They lived under the same roof and ate together, but didn't talk to each other. They were like two strangers living together.

Andrew finished his breakfast in a hurry and left the house alone. And Ashley remained in her seat, having her porridge unhurriedly. She didn't leave the house until Andrew was out of sight.

She had nothing to worry about even though Andrew wasn't giving her a ride. She walked to the bus station and went to the bakery by bus. After all, she already knew the route from Andrew's villa to Memory Bakery. But she didn't know that every day, a car followed her from the time she left the villa.

Several days passed, but Ashley and Andrew didn't make peace with each other. Even Claire noticed that there was something going on with the couple.

One day when Andrew left the house after breakfast, Claire came over to Ashley. She asked worriedly, "Miss Mu, did you have a fight with Mr. Lu?"

Since Ashley had been nice to her, Claire had already thought of the kind, sensible girl as her own daughter.

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