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   Chapter 109 Andrew Found Out

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Ashley was an adopted child. But she wasn't treated well. The family she had lived with had their own agendas, and she had seen her family members plotting against her many times. She no longer wanted to see the evil side in people.

Working in a big company full of devious colleagues and cutthroat competition felt a lot like living with her family. She didn't want that anymore. She preferred to be content with her small venture — Memory Bakery. It was her happy space and she felt free here. Besides, the bakery was doing well now. There was no need for her to work at a big company to make a living.

Someday, if she couldn't keep Memory Bakery running, she might consider going back to a company, but, at present, that option was, thankfully, off the table.

Listening to what she said, Andrew's grip on the steering wheel momentarily tightened. He anticipated a definite rejection to his suggestion of working with him. So instead of voicing his thoughts, he held his peace.

The car was moving steadily. Ashley started to feel drowsy. Her head moved slightly from side to side involuntarily.

Andrew had kept glancing at her from time to time while driving. But this time when he looked at her, he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

He saw Ashley holding up her head with one hand, which was resting against the car window, while she kept nodding off like a cute chicken that was pecking.

Her fresh rosy lips were slightly parted. Her long shadowy eyelashes encircled her beautiful closed eyes. She was asleep like a quiet angel.

Her skin was fair like the finest white jade, but at that moment it was covered in a layer of rosy pink, which made her face look like a ripe, juicy peach enticing him to have a bite.

He couldn't tear his eyes away from Ashley. After observing this beautiful woman for a while, Andrew found his heartbeat quickening and his throat getting itchy. It was embarrassing but he had to admit that he was somehow turned on.

However, he tried to control himself with all his strength. He kept telling himself that he was driving. Although he was pretty confident about his driving skills, with Ashley in the car, he wanted to ensure that she was 100 percent safe. He reminded himself to stay focused on the road.

Andrew turned his attention back to his driving. It took him a lot of effort to get the image of Ashley sleeping angelically out of his mind. If she were awake right now, she would have found that Andrew had sped up the car considerably. It was as if he wanted to make it back home as so

so he stopped him immediately, "Wait, just give me a minute."

Then he turned around and consulted with his other senior executives.


Suddenly Andrew heard a sound of his email reminder on his phone. It was from Johnny.

Johnny had probably got something about Ashley that he wanted to know. He couldn't wait to check the email, so he once again turned to the screen impatiently, "I'm sorry, but you only have three seconds left. Please be quick!"

Seeing Andrew's impatient look, the man knew if he didn't make a compromise here, he would lose the business opportunity with Andrew. So with his teeth set, he finally conceded, "All right. Ten percent increase. You got it."

Pleased that he got what he wanted, Andrew hung up without hesitation. At once he turned to his phone to check Johnny's email.

Although he had inquired about Ashley's background and known the main events that happened during her growing years, he didn't know what she did while he was away on business.

Clearly, Johnny had done a great job. The information he had collected was very thorough. Andrew learned how Ashley had quit her job at the Luo Group, and how Lena kept causing difficulties for Ashley and Ellie when they wanted to rent a place for Memory Bakery.

However, when he saw photos of Ashley having hotpot and going shopping with Greyson, his face instantly became hard. He didn't even know when they got to know each other.

Then the pictures of Ashley being pestered by Raymond came into sight. It had happened just after he left her this morning, which made him furious. Andrew glared at Raymond in the image, thinking if only his blazing eyes could kill him through this screen!

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