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   Chapter 108 Pick You Up Every Day

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Updated: 2019-07-18 13:55

The joy was evident in Lena's eyes. 'Now that Ashley is married, Raymond is mine. Ashley, you are no match for me. You're doomed to be a loser and will always be inferior to me, ' she snickered from within.

"Raymond, what happened to your hand?" Lena asked as she gaped at his hand.

There were several stains of dried blood on his hand that Raymond had clenched into a fist.

He had headed straight to the Mu family's house after meeting Ashley. Preoccupied with his ex-girlfriend's marriage on the way, he had paid no attention to his injured hand.

Raymond followed her gaze to the wound on his hand. Since Ashley had refused to divorce her husband, he had been so furious that he hadn't even felt the pain. But as Lena brought it up, he felt a stab of pain in his hand.

"Don't worry. It's not a big deal," he replied.

"You should be more careful," Lena said with a frown. There was a trace of reproach in her voice.

She turned to a maid and instructed, "Kathy, go get the first aid box."

"Please let me take care of your wound, Raymond," Lena said, a pleading note to her voice.

Raymond nodded.

A few minutes later, Kathy came back with the first aid box. She walked up to Lena and politely said, "Miss Mu, here it is."

Lena grabbed Raymond's arm and pulled him so that both of them were seated on the couch. She carefully took his injured hand and started cleaning the wound.

As Lena lowered her head, a wisp of smooth hair fell over her face, blocking her sight. She tucked the hair behind her ear and continued to clean the wound. Raymond sat quietly, observing her. She had a pair of big eyes and rosy lips on her small, fair face.

Lena was pretty, but Ashley was stunning. That was one of the reasons why Lena detested Ashley so much.

As Raymond stared at Lena, the anger and displeasure in his eyes faded slightly. For him, having sex with Lena had been a pure accident. Since then, he had spent more time with her and discovered that Lena and Ashley were of completely different dispositions.

Ashley was an independent, strong, and steady girl, while Lena was clingy, gentle and considerate.

Raymond preferred the latter type of girls like Lena. But since he and Ashley had been together for t


Andrew chuckled, bringing the car to a halt at the red light. "We just got married, and now you want to separate from me?"

Ashley hadn't thought about this. She had only thought about how inconvenient it was for her to go to the bakery. Besides, she didn't want Andrew to drive long hours just to pick her up.

But on hearing what Andrew had said, she realized that her proposal to move out had been inappropriate. The truth was that Andrew had misinterpreted her words.

Ashley shook her head, and fixing her eyes on him, she explained anxiously, "Please don't get me wrong. I just think that you would feel tired picking me up all the time. After all, my workplace is far from the villa."

He smiled as he noticed the rattled look on her face. "I know," he said.

"Are you sure you want to pick me up every day?"

"Yes, I am."

Ashley was at a loss for words. 'Seriously? He is going to drop me off every day? Oh jeez!' she thought, panicking a little.

"Have you ever thought of working in a company?" Andrew asked abruptly.

Ashley had no idea why he was bringing this up.

She looked out of the window, settling her chin on her hand, and said, "No. I like running the bakery."

Ashley had an aversion to the conspiracies that took place in a company. In costume dramas, such concubines would go to great lengths to win the emperor's affection. According to her, those office workers were no better than such concubines. They would do anything to get promoted.

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