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   Chapter 107 Scheming

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Cheryl rushed out when Ashley said yes.

"Are you okay? That wound on your hand doesn't look good," Nina walked up to Ashley and asked her, frowning a little. Ashley could see that Nina was worried about her, even though she was mostly expressionless.

Ashley smiled and said, "I'm okay. Watch this for me. I'll be back in a minute."

During the renovation of the shop, Greyson had suggested that a small room be added so that people could take rest. Ashley considered Greyson to be a genius for having come up with such a good idea.

It was a good thing that Greyson didn't hear Ashley calling him a genius, or he would become awkward. His intention behind suggesting the building of the room was selfish. He had thought that he could use that room to play whenever he came.

But Ashley seemed to have misunderstood.

Cheryl soon returned with a bottle of Ibuprofen. "Here, Ashley. This will help with your wound," she said.

"Thanks a lot, Cheryl," Ashley said, taking the medication from her.

"Well, you need some rest. So I'm off," Cheryl said.

Ashley smiled and nodded.

After Cheryl left, Ashley squeezed a little ointment on to her fingers and applied it to the wound.

She rubbed on it lightly, which caused a pricking on it that made her cry out. "Ouch!" Ashley thought wistfully, 'How could Raymond be so ruthless to me? It fucking hurts.'

At the same time, she somehow felt pity for him, for being cheated and controlled by that bitch Lena.

Thinking over and over again about all that had happened, Ashley decided that she could never let Andrew know about her wound, or he would be mad at her.

She could remember how Andrew was the last time she had burned herself. She didn't want to see him like that again.

It had only been a month since she had gotten to know Andrew, but she didn't want him to be worried, no matter what.

The Mu Family

Raymond had left Ashley there and come to the Mu family. He had the suspicion that Ashley hadn't told him the whole story because he could guess her th

en behavior, Lena suspected that he had already seen Ashley. And Ashley had definitely told him something that had made him question her.

Lena narrowed her eyes and looked at Raymond, "Honey, I'm telling you the truth. Did Ashley tell you anything about me? You know, Ashley was adopted, so she never liked me much. But I treated her like my own sister..." Lena said tearfully.

Hearing everything that Lena was telling him, Raymond faltered. He began to suspect what Ashley had told him.

He thought, 'Lena is such a kind girl. How could she have done such things? How could she have deceived me?'

In the end, Raymond was like all other men who couldn't resist women who acted weak. They thought all women were supposed to be like this, but they didn't know that it was their stupidity that made the women strong.

Raymond sighed and walked up to Lena. He held her shoulders and said, "I trust you."

Lena leaned against Raymond, sighed, and asked, "Honey, so you've seen my sister, right? What did she tell you? She wouldn't come back to the Luo Group, would she?"

Raymond felt a pang of regret when he heard Lena's words. He thought, 'Lena didn't say anything bad about Ashley, so I was wrong about her. She's a kind girl and she's not lying to me.'

Thinking thus, Raymond said, "It's all right. It's okay if she doesn't want to come back."

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