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   Chapter 105 Going To Work Together

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Maybe Ashley was the only one who thought that Andrew was gentle and considerate.

He actually was an impatient person. It was only for Ashley that he brought out his gentleness and patience.

Ashley had thought it through and decided to accept Andrew. So she wrapped her arms around Andrew and nestled into his embrace.

Andrew's embrace was warm and comfortable. Ashley could smell the minty scent on his body and felt his steady breath.

Ashley gradually relaxed and fell asleep in Andrew's arms.

A happy smile took its place on Andrew's face as he stared at Ashley, who was sleeping like a baby in his arms.

It was the first time that Ashley had hugged him willingly and the first time that she had come so close to him. Andrew was actually jumping for joy from within.

He kissed Ashley's forehead gently and whispered,"Good night, sweetie."

The next morning, Ashley and Andrew sat at the table to have breakfast.

The food that Claire had cooked was delicious, but couldn't be compared to Andrew's cooking.

Ashley stared at Andrew, wondering if he would let her go back to work. She was already feeling better and her hands didn't hurt anymore.

She thought about asking him the question, but she didn't know what to call him.

Should she call him by his full name? Andrew Lu?

She could have called him that in the past, but now that they were in a relationship, calling him by his full name might put a distance between them.

How about she called him Andrew?

But all his friends called him Andrew.

'Maybe I should call him honey! Many couples call each other honey, ' Ashley pondered.

On second thought, she scratched the idea of calling Andrew 'honey'. It sounded too mushy.

Andrew, who was eating with his head down, felt Ashley's gaze. He looked up and asked,"What's wrong?"

Andrew was elegant and noble, and whatever he did, he exuded dignity. He was Prince Charming in real life.

"I think my hand is better now. Can I go back to work toda

can bring you some when I come back," Ashley said.

Andrew wanted to say no because he had hated sweet food since his childhood.

But he couldn't reject her when he saw her expectant, excited face. "Yes, I'd like that," he ended up saying.

"I'm telling you, the cupcakes Ellie and I sell are the best in the world, and you are definitely going to love them!" Ashley couldn't stop talking when it came to cakes.

She kept twittering on the way to the store, and Andrew just listened quietly, nodding along from time to time.

As he looked at Ashley, Andrew thought of all the times he had hated people twittering away like sparrows as he drove. How strange it was that he now loved Ashley talking by his side.

"Okay, here we are," Ashley said as the car turned into a street.

Andrew stopped the car and asked,"When do you get off work? I'll pick you up."

"Oh, you don't need to. I can take a taxi home." Ashley said, not wanting to trouble him too much.

Andrew said nothing but just stared at her, waiting for her to change her answer. At last, Ashley gave in and said,"I get off at 5 pm."

Andrew nodded and said,"Be right here waiting for me then. Do not wander around by yourself."

"Okay," Ashley said, wondering why she couldn't wander around. She wasn't a three-year-old kid. She wouldn't get lost.

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