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   Chapter 104 Sleep With Andrew

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"Besides, I don't think there is any need to hold a big wedding. After all, the concept of marriage is between you and me. Perhaps, we can just treat our relatives and friends to a meal to inform them of our wedding," Ashley added.

Taking notice of the self-mockery on her face, Andrew felt a pang of discomfort in his heart. 'Oh, it breaks my heart to see her act this way, ' he thought.

Pulling Ashley into his arms, he assured her in a low voice, "Don't worry. I promise that from now on, nobody would give you a hard time." 'No one would dare look down on you or put you down as long as I am alive. If anyone has the nerve to hurt you, I will not spare him or her, ' he swore to himself. With ferocity flashing through his eyes, Andrew was determined to protect Ashley with all his life.

Being held so tight and pulled very close to his chest, Ashley could hear Andrew's heartbeat. Enveloped in his strong arms and warmed by his body, Ashley felt her heart palpitate fast. Rattled and confused at the same time, she gave Andrew a slight push.

Caught off guard, Andrew stepped back and released his grip on Ashley.

Watching his lovely wife run away hurriedly, Andrew drew an enchanting smile which made girls difficult to resist his charm.

'She has some feelings for me after all. Otherwise, she wouldn't have acted that way, ' he thought with a sly smile.

Andrew didn't confess his love to her. His flirting behaviors, however, took her breath away. As her mind was in a total mess, Ashley couldn't think straight. Thus, she just ran away from Andrew after pushing him away. She couldn't understand why she acted that way. She thought running was the best way to hide her red cheeks that betrayed her real feeling for Andrew.

Seeing Ashley rush to her, Claire assumed that there was something going on between the couple. "What's up, Miss Mu? Why are you in such a hurry?" she asked with her eyebrows slightly raised.

Realizing that the housekeeper was in the villa, Ashley was slightly relieved. Squeezing a smile, she replied, "I'm fine. I'm a little tired. I'm going to bed. Good night."

Ashley dashed upstairs as fast as she could as if she had been chased by a bunch of money lenders.

The next second Ashley retired to their bedroom. With her back against the door, she bent down, rested her hands on her knees and gasped for air. After she calmed down, she walked into the bathroom and took a quick bath.

After the refreshing bath, she walked towards the medicine cabinet. Taking the ointment out, she applied an ample amoun

he hid. He removed the quilt so that Ashley's head could be seen. Resting his chin on her head, he heaved a sigh.

Ashley felt sorry for him when he heard him sigh.

She started to reflect on herself. She thought that perhaps she had been too mean to him.

After all, she had proposed to him personally to get her jade pendant back. The thing was, Andrew had been nice to her since they got married. He even wanted to hold a wedding ceremony to tell everyone that she was his wife.

But she kept refusing his goodwill. She always shut him up no matter how well he treated her.

Considering that they were husband and wife now, plus she had some feelings for him too, she started to consider the idea of falling in love with him From now on she would try and open her heart to him.

The thought delighted her, and she was determined to pay back Andrew's kindness and generosity towards her.

'Andrew is an enchanting man from a prominent family. There is no doubt that he is popular among women, and he is the ideal perfect husband for them. Besides, he knows how to cook and he is a considerate man. Now that I'm married to him, I will try to accept him, ' she thought.

If Johnny had learned about Ashley's opinion of Andrew, he would be taken by great surprise.

In his eyes, his boss was handsome and good at cooking. However, he never regarded him as a thoughtful person. Maybe because he hadn't lived with him and had no chance to get to know him deeply. But in Ashley's case, her impression of Andrew had changed over time.

As far as he was concerned, Andrew always emanated an indifferent, powerful aura which could scare people away. He didn't think his boss was a considerate man.

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