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   Chapter 103 Ashley's Refusal

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Seeing Ashley didn't respond, Andrew knew she was still mad at him. Quietly, he approached her and caressed her forehead. However, Ashley still didn't take a single look back at him; instead, she fixed her eyes on her phone. Her face looked indifferent. Andrew felt a little embarrassed and shook his head helplessly. He then turned to go upstairs.

"Miss Mu, is Mr. Lu home?" Claire poked her head out from the kitchen and asked. She heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

Ashley replied, "Yes, he's home."

"Great! I'm almost finished with cooking. You should go and tell him that the dinner will be ready soon," Claire said cheerfully.

Ashley just said yes to Claire, but she still was lying on the sofa, her lips pursed.

Several minutes later, Claire carried the first dish out of the kitchen and walked past Ashley. She was surprised to see Ashley still lying on the sofa. So she stopped and reminded her again.

Ashley didn't want to show her displeasure towards Andrew in front of Claire, so she sat up with a giggle and then rushed upstairs. As soon as she got upstairs, she immediately slowed down, and her expression changed. She couldn't forgive Andrew so quickly and so easily, so she had to look tough and indifferent in front of him.

Almost begrudgingly, Ashley knocked on the door and said coldly, "Andrew, dinner is ready." Hearing no answer from the inside, she began to open the door as she repeated again, "Dinner - "

Before she could even finish her words, Ashley's face became red as she looked into the room. She immediately turned around and almost let out a scream. With an exasperated tone, she asked, "Andrew, what are you doing?"

Andrew looked back at her with a smile. Noticing that Ashley was embarrassed, he became amused. He took his time to put on his pants, and then he replied joyfully, "Don't you see? I am changing my clothes."

Ashley didn't turn to look back. She complained, "Can't you do that in the bathroom?"

"Does it matter? Is there any difference between those two?" Andrew suddenly felt wronged.

"Fine, come down to have dinner once you get it done!" Ashley said. She just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly, she felt a grasp on her arm. Andrew reached out his hand to stop Ashley, and then he quickly took her by her wrist. He said with a big smile, "I am finished. Let's go now!"

With a reluctant look, Ashley started to shake his hand off of her. However, the more she tried, the tighter Andrew held her.

"Stop it! You are hurting me!" Ashley glared at him.

Finally, Andrew loosened his grasp. At once, Ashley pulled her hand back. A red stripe showed up on Ashley's wrist. Andrew suddenly felt sorry.

Since he took a shower just now, the light smell of the lotion remained on his body and it was now filling the air.

He donned a grey indoor suit, and he looked more handsome and taller than he really was.

"Well, Mr. Lu, Miss Mu. Here you come! The dinner -" Claire greeted with a big smile

ed the slightest anxiety on Ashley's face that betrayed her. Then he suddenly sped up to finally approach her. With his breath on Ashley's face, she couldn't help but tremble.

"What did you say?" Andrew asked, as if he was ready for a fight.

Ashley failed to hold her ground. She was trapped in his aggression again. "Andrew Lu..." she stammered.

Andrew watched Ashley's quivering lips and panicked eyes. Acting on instinct, he held his face very close to hers that his lips almost touched hers. The lady was too scared to move.

All she could do now was to close her eyes in despair.

"Wrong!" The low but heavy voice echoed in her ears.

She tried hard to open her eyes slightly. The sight of Andrew's stern face made her heart beat faster. Her hands reached for the hem of her dress, and it comforted her a little.

Then she thought to herself, 'I don't think I called him wrong. Am I too nervous? Why he said that? Is Andrew Lu not his real name? Does he have another one?'

Suddenly, something hit her, so she gathered herself up and said again, "Andrew?"


Finally, she felt at ease. Then she asked, "Can you just take a step back and leave me some space to breathe? I feel breathless right now."

"I refuse." Andrew pulled her closer and held her waist tightly.

His hands held her so tight that she couldn't make herself a little more comfortable. She was really struggling to move her body.

"Why don't you want a wedding ceremony?" he asked.

His face still looked cold and emotionless. His eyes looked as dark as black holes, as if they would swallow Ashley in an instant. They made Ashley tremble again.

"Because I... I... I don't think I deserve this. If the wedding ceremony is going to be held, it will draw a lot of people's attention on me. I am a nobody. Anyone would think that I married you to get your money, not because I love you truly. That would not only be bad for your company, but also affect our private life. That's why I'm refusing…"

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