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   Chapter 102 The Housekeeper

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The woman looked at Ashley, who was still stunned even in pajamas, a glimmer of surprise flashing in her eyes. "Well, are you Mrs. Lu? I'm the housekeeper of this family. My family name is Zhang."

'The housekeeper?' Ashley looked at the woman suspiciously. She gave her a slight smile and said, "Just one second, please. I need to make a call."

Ashley turned around and the smile on her face disappeared immediately. She picked up her phone and called Andrew.

At the Lu Group Office

In the meeting room, only the one on the platform was speaking into the otherwise silent air.

It wasn't long before the silence was broken by the shrill ringing of a phone.

Everything came to a dead halt; even the person who was giving a speech stopped talking and swallowed.

They exchanged confused looks with one another, wondering whose phone it was and worried about the consequences of the disruption.

They still remembered how furious the president had been when this had happened before. It had been a complete nightmare.

They had since taken utmost care to make sure their phones were turned off during meetings.

But obviously, someone had forgotten that unspoken rule.

While everyone was in fear of how the president would respond, Andrew looked around calmly before picking up his phone.

His employees were surprised to see a tender expression cross their boss's face when he saw who was calling.

The shock on their faces could be seen clearly. They wondered whether they were mistaken.

But they gave a sigh of relief at the same time. It was lucky that it was Andrew's phone. So they wouldn't take his anger.

"Are you missing me?"

Andrew asked softly, rendering not only Ashley, but also the other people in the meeting room speechless.

They had never heard their boss talk like that, and the way he was talking only fueled their curiosity as to who was calling him.

It was almost impossible that their boss could talk in such a gentle tone.

What was more, what he had said was

didn't mean Claire could dare break the rule.

"I feel old when I hear you call me madam. I think 'madam' works better for elder women."

"That does make sense. Then I'll call you Miss Mu. How about that?" Claire suggested.

Why was it 'Miss Mu' again?

But it sounded a lot better than Mrs. Lu. So Ashley gave a nod of consent.

Claire cooked up a simple supper and Ashley settled down to enjoy it.

Ashley applied potion to the wound on her hand and she thought it looked better. Not as horrible as it had been in the morning.

Ashley had assumed that it would be boring to live here. But to her surprise, it wasn't all that bad. Time passed without her realizing it.

Claire was cooking in the kitchen and Ashley was on the phone in the living room when the sound of the front door opening reached their ears.

At the sound of door shutting, Ashley turned around to find herself looking directly into Andrew's eyes.

Surprised at the unexpected eye contact, Ashley whipped back her head to look at her mobile phone.

Andrew hung his coat on the cloth hanger and walked up to Ashley. "Is everything alright?" he asked cautiously.

Ashley continued to play on her phone, choosing to ignore his question. She was still mad at him. Just because he had arranged a housekeeper for her didn't mean she was going to forgive him.

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