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   Chapter 101 Stubborn Ashley

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Ashley secretly rolled her eyes and let out a silent sigh. She didn't want Andrew to notice her resigned expression. 'He's obviously angry. Why won't he just admit it?' Ashley complained silently in her head.

"Well, I'm getting late for work. Can you give me a ride?" Ashley inquired in a very careful way.

'He actually has a point. It would be difficult to hail a taxi in this neighborhood. It's better if he could drive me to work, ' Ashley thought as she feared the long waiting that she would experience if she opted to go to work by herself.

"No! I will not give you a ride." Andrew declined Ashley's request with a stern voice. His handsome face reflected a very serious look.

Ashley narrowed her eyes and leered at Andrew. She asked him with a confused voice,"Why not?" 'I've only asked him for a ride to work. Why did he react that way? Why is he being so dramatic?' thought Ashley as her confusion grew.

Andrew met Ashley's baffled stare. He realized how puzzled Ashley was with his response and that she wanted an explanation.

He tapped her forehead in a sweet reprimand. He said with a low, stern voice,"Why are you thinking about getting to work?"

Andrew then shifted his considerate gaze towards Ashley's injured hand. "You hurt your hand last night. You should wait for it to fully recover before you return to your work."

Ashley then realized that she misunderstood Andrew. She looked down while her guilt consumed her. Her face reddened with embarrassment. However, Ashley still wanted to go to work.

She looked at Andrew and spoke with a soft tone,"I'll be fine. I don't really have much work to do there. I won't strain myself."

Ashley told the truth as she assured Andrew. She was the owner of Memory Bakery. All she needed to do was supervise her employees and make sure that everything was fine in the shop. She would help to deal with clients if ever they were swarmed with customers.

"You heard me. I won't drive you there. You need to rest." Andrew's determined expression showed that his decision was final.

He felt annoyed that Ashley was too carefree and reckless about her injured hand. 'Why is she so irresponsible when it comes to her health? She still wants to go to work even when her hand is already badly injured, ' Andrew fumed in his mind.

"Please don't make too much of a big deal out of this. I'm fine, really. Just let me go to work," Ashley pleaded with a pout on her face. Her eyes were full of anticipation as she stared at Andrew's stern face.

'Ellie can't supervise because she went to her hometown. I must be at the bakery to make sure everything is fine, ' thought Ashley.

Ashley begged a lot and even played cute just to convince Andrew but he still refused to drop her off at her bakery.

She was really annoyed about how stubborn Andrew could be.

She was fully aware that Andrew was just concerned about her but she was convinc

had been at the side of the bed where Andrew usually slept.

Andrew had arrived at the company. He immediately instructed his assistant Johnny to meet him at his office.

"I need you to find a household who can do the chores at home. She needs to be responsible and can't be chatty. She also can't have any criminal record," Andrew said with a low voice and in only one breath.

Johnny was rendered speechless by Andrew's sudden order. It was the first time Johnny had heard Andrew speak out so many words without any pause.

Johnny came to his senses and reconfirmed Andrew's order. "Pardon me?

So you need a maid to work in the Golden Palace, right?"

Andrew nodded in confirmation. His stern face then softened when a certain woman suddenly entered his mind. "She must be so bored at the house alone," Andrew muttered. He didn't even realize that Johnny heard him.

Johnny just stared silently at his love-struck boss. He glued his eyes on Andrew and sighed. He never thought that his boss would fall in love with a girl and even showed his affection to her so openly to his assistant.

Johnny exited the office silently. He closed the door and immediately started to do his task. He felt that he would probably get used to Andrew's romantic actions soon enough.

Johnny immediately found the perfect household helper for Andrew. Ashley sat comfortably in the living room and browsed the posts on Weibo. She was startled when someone rang the doorbell. Ashley wasn't aware that there would be a visitor at that moment.

She rushed towards the front door and opened it. She then saw a woman in her late forties. The stranger looked uneasy and stood at the front door quietly.

Ashley felt confused about the person in their door. 'Andrew is from a rich family. I don't think she is his relative though, ' Ashley thought as she wondered who the stranger was.

Ashley then asked politely,"Hello, what can I do for you?"

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