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   Chapter 99 Good Night

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Looking at Ashley's nervous expression, Andrew couldn't help but smile.

How could his sweetheart be so lovable?

"Why?" he asked.

Ashley couldn't reply. 'Damn it. Wait. Will... will he sleep in the raw?'

Ashley felt dizzy.

Andrew's big bed was soft and comfortable. Ashley was clinging to the bedside, with her back to her husband.

While Andrew found the whole thing to be laughable, he couldn't help but feel offended. Did Ashley think he was a dreadful monster? He wouldn't eat her!

So, in Ashley and Andrew's spacious bedroom, such a scene could be seen: A couple was lying on a large white bed.

The woman was lying close to the bedside and could fall down at any time. The man was lying on the other side of the bed, staring at his lady who had her back on him, with helplessness and love in his eyes.

"Come here," Andrew said in a deep, rich voice as he looked at Ashley's back. He was earnestly hoping Ashley would come and lie close to him.

"No. I feel comfortable this way," she whispered, her shyness evident in her tone. "Well, it's late. I am going to sleep. Good night." With that, she pulled her blanket tighter around her and curled into a ball on her side of the bed.

Andrew frowned and pulled her over his side impatiently.

"Hey," he started softly. "We've already slept together before. Why are you being so shy now?" Never in his life did he think he'd ever put an effort to sound cute, but that was all he could do right now.

Ashley closed her eyes tightly, but her long eyelashes still trembled. She was afraid to see Andrew's naked body.

Due to her injured hand, she wasn't able to have a shower and just changed her clothes.

Despite that, she still smelled

her to adjust to a new bed if she was sleeping in it for the first time, but surprisingly, she had a good night's sleep. Throughout the night, they moved closer and closer to each other that they ended up cuddling. Lying in Andrew's arms and listening to his heartbeat, Ashley felt secure.

Andrew looked at the beautiful girl next to him.

All he could think was how he was suffering at that moment, while Ashley was sleeping peacefully.

"When would you accept me?" he whispered.

The next day, Ashley was in high spirits when she woke up. She had a really good sleep last night.

She was stretching her arms when she touched something warm. It frightened her.

But then she saw Andrew's extremely handsome face.

'Not looking as cold as when you are awake, huh, ' she thought to herself. Leaning closer, she began to study Andrew's face.

'If he doesn't frown all the time, maybe more girls will like him, ' she thought.

'Also, how can his eyelashes be so long! They are longer than a girl's! I don't know what he ate when he was growing up, but he ends up being so beautiful even girls would definitely be jealous of him.'

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