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   Chapter 97 Injury

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Andrew walked towards Ashley with the antiseptic and some bandages. He told Ashley to raise her hand which she immediately obeyed.

Andrew rolled some cotton and dampened it with alcohol. He then dabbed it on Ashley's wounds gently.

"Hiss." Ashley let out a sound of distress as her wound bubbled. The pain surged from her hand as the alcohol disinfected it. Ashley shivered as she tried to tolerate the agony.

Andrew was stunned by Ashley's painful reaction. He frowned and stared at Ashley's hand. He felt sorry about the pain she felt.

"Hang in there. It will be over soon." Andrew lowered his head and whispered to Ashley's ear. It was out of character for him to say such words but he really wanted Ashley to calm down.

The awkwardness in his voice must be because of the fact that he had never said such warm words to anyone.

Ashley was surprised by Andrew's heartfelt attempt to comfort her. Her eyes widened because she never expected Andrew to use such tender gestures.

Ashley stared at Andrew as he wiped her wounds. She noticed that his ears reddened and his hands slightly shook as he tended Ashley's wounds.

Ashley was dazed when she realized how Andrew cared for her. She felt conflicted about her emotions as she looked at Andrew's face. Ashley saw the pain in Andrew's face. She was the one who had a wound but Andrew looked to be more in agony as he stared at Ashley's hand.

She felt relieved when she saw how Andrew watched out for her safety. Andrew had already sterilized her wounds so he grabbed an ointment from the medical kit.

Andrew spread the white medical cream around Ashley's wound. The coolness from the cream lessened her pain and made her more comfortable.

Andrew reached for the bandage to wrap Ashley's wounds. However, when Ashley saw what he was about to do, she stopped him and said, "I don't think a bandage would be necessary. The wound cannot be covered by it."

Ashley thought that her hand was ugly enough without a bandage. It would look even worse and inconvenient if he put a bandage on her hand.

Andrew was frozen because he didn't know how to put a bandage to the wound. He then decided to follow Ashley's request and return the bandage to the medical box.

"Andrew, tell me, will my hand be scarred?" Ashley inquired with a sorry face. She frowned as she stared at the back of her hand which was inflamed. She then raised her head and looked at Andrew. Her eyes were filled with misery and pain.

Ashley felt really terrible about the wound in the back of her hand. She feared that it would be hard for it to heal especially in summer. Girls always cared about their physical appearances. Ashley was no exception. She was

lean up the table since Andrew cooked the meal.

However, Andrew immediately grabbed the plates and instructed Ashley to sit back down.

Ashley looked at Andrew with confused eyes and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Your hand is still hurt. I'll clear up the table while you take some rest."

Andrew replied with care in his tone. Ashley had almost forgotten about the wound in the back of her hand. It was only after Andrew reminded her that she realized that her hand was hurt.

Andrew grabbed the dirty dishes and put them away in the kitchen sink. He cleaned the table while Ashley rested in the couch. Ashley's mind wandered as she stared at Andrew's figure in the kitchen. She suddenly felt that the relationship between the two of them could work out.

However, Andrew was at the kitchen with a frown on his face. He felt disgusted at the dirty task that awaited him.

Andrew had never imagined that he would do something like this. He would usually just grab his pen, sign a document and then earn millions of bills every minute. This menial task was way below his social status.

Andrew paused for a while and calmed down. He then reached for a plate and tried to wash it in the sink.

Ashley sat comfortably on the sofa. Her attention from the television was suddenly shifted to the kitchen as a loud "bang" echoed in her ears. Her surprise made her quiver and fearful of what might have happened to Andrew.

'I hope he's alright.' Ashley prayed in her mind.

Ashley immediately turned the television off and rushed towards the kitchen. She then saw Andrew beside the sink. He stood there silently as Ashley noticed the shattered pieces of a broken dish around Andrew's feet.

"Andrew, what ..." Ashley was about to ask Andrew what had happened but she held her voice instead.

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