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   Chapter 96 Give Me Your Hand

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6682

Updated: 2019-07-12 07:40

Ashley was worried about whether she needed to wake up early everyday from now on so that she could have enough time to walk to the bakery shop, but it was quite far away from where she was staying.

Upon thinking about that, she couldn't help but feel helpless.

But luckily, though this villa was a little bit isolated, she could find all she wanted here, such as fresh vegetables and fruits in the fridge.

When night fell, Ashley still didn't know if Andrew would be back or not. Although she didn't know who Andrew really was, she was able to guess that he was in charge of a company, as he was always busy dealing with business-related things.

Being bored out of her wits, Ashley decided to make dinner despite not knowing if Andrew would even come home.

Upon entering the kitchen, she became very impressed. It was very clean and everything was new. All the essentials were also there.

Ashley prepared the rice first. She added some rice to the cooking pot, rinsed it, poured some water into the pot and let it simmer in the rice cooker.

Since there were lots of meat and vegetables in the fridge, Ashley took out some pork ribs and Chinese yams. "I'm gonna make a pork rib soup," Ashley happily whispered to herself.

In all fairness, she was enjoying herself.

After she finished cooking the soup, she took out some tomatoes, eggs and vegetables from the fridge and got ready to make more dishes.

First, she washed the tomatoes and cut them into pieces. After that, she cracked the eggs into a bowl and stirred them.

Patiently, she rinsed the vegetables to make sure they were clean.

Ashley was so concentrated on what she was doing that she didn't realize that Andrew was home already.

It was said that when men were busy doing something, they were very charming, the same as women, when they were concentrated on doing something, they seemed very attractive as well.

In order to be with his wife, Andrew drove at the highest speed allowable straight home f

hurt, he could never agree.

"No, go and stay away from the kitchen," he commanded coldly.

The voice made Ashley tremble. As much as she didn't want to go, she felt like she had no choice but to leave as commanded.

What happened wasn't a very nice encounter, but Ashley believed that Andrew reacted that way because he cared about her.

Taking a deep breath, she headed towards the living room and sat on the couch. She took a look at her burned hand and realized how red and badly swollen it was.

Her gaze examined the room for anything that she could put on it, but she couldn't see anything. Though a bit nervous, she walked into the kitchen again and asked Andrew where the first aid kit was.

Andrew turned off the stove. Upon seeing Ashley's hand again, he frowned. Determination suddenly colored his eyes and he dragged Ashley upstairs.

Somehow, Ashley felt his nervousness.

Upon reaching the bedroom, Andrew sat Ashley down on the bed. He then took out the first aid kit from a bedside cupboard.

Andrew opened the kit. It was full and complete - antiseptics, bandages, thermometers, and such. Everything necessary could be found in it.

Andrew rummaged through the kit and fished out the antiseptic and some bandages. After that, he turned to Ashley and knelt in front of her. "Give me your hand."

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