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   Chapter 95 You Little Fatty

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Who was Greyson? He was the Little Devil who never apologized to anyone ever since the day he was born.

Greyson looked at the cute little face in front of him and answered like a rascal, "No."

Fiona glared at the man with a beautiful baby face, with anger in her eyes. He was good-looking, but so unexpectedly unreasonable.

Greyson stared at the cute girl. She was about 20 years old and had fair skin. She looked naive and adorable. She was cute even when she was angry.

Fiona looked like she was about to cry after hearing what he said. Greyson bit his lip and thought he should apologize to her.

Because he didn't bully girls. She stared at him with her mouth open and the next second marched past him, but not before stomping on his foot.

Greyson was speechless. 'Damn! It hurts so bad. What's the matter with this woman? She looks adorable, but she is so ruthless, ' he thought.

"Hey, wait a moment!" Greyson stopped Fiona.

Fiona turned her head haughtily, and shot him a murderous look. "What's up?" she asked impatiently.

"You just stomped on my foot. Don't you think you owe me an apology?" Greyson asked.

"Ah? Did I do that just now?" Fiona asked, her eyes wide in astonishment. She covered her mouth and for a second she looked guilty.

Seeing this, Greyson thought that Fiona would apologize to him but her reply floored him. "So what? You deserve it!" she declared

with a wry look, but to Greyson she looked so cute that he couldn't stay mad at her anymore.

"You..." It was the first time that Greyson was defeated, and he glared at Fiona.

"What? Bite me!" Fiona glared back at him crossly.

They made such a ruckus that Nina and Cheryl also heard them.

Nina saw that Greyso

had the desired effect. She had managed to get back at Greyson, who appeared very annoyed. He hated it when people commented on his face.

"Nobody will like you, you little fatty! Nothing is wrong with my face. I am cute and that's why lots of people like me." Greyson raised his head proudly.

Fiona took the cakes from the cashier and rolled her eyes at Greyson. Then she left. She didn't want to talk to this idiot.

Greyson looked at Fiona's back and gritted his teeth. He hoped not to see her again. Otherwise, he would get even with her.

It was the first time that Nina had seen Greyson so enraged. She was curious about the girl, who wasn't afraid of this Little Devil.

Although Nina had a crush on Greyson in the past, after a certain incident, she stopped herself from pursuing him.

Meanwhile at the Golden Palace, Ashley thought it was a boring place to stay. This villa was more sophisticated than the Mu's house. Most people living here had their own drivers, and there were no cabs here, let alone buses.

Ashley stayed in the house for the entire afternoon. She fiddled with her cell phone and checked the tweets occasionally.

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