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   Chapter 94 Fiona Xia

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 8555

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Entering the large living room, Ashley looked around silently. When she visited the villa last time, her mind was occupied with something else, so she didn't pay that much attention to the house and just put the idea on the back of her mind.

However, this time, Ashley thought she might live here for quite a long period, so she checked on everything carefully.

The decorations were modern and simple. The house itself was dignified but not restrained, luxurious but not extravagant. All kinds of furniture were displayed in the living room, but the way they sparkled with light made Ashley assume that almost all the pieces of stuff were brand new and had never been used before. She wasn't sure though if she had guessed it wrong.

A gloomy atmosphere was cast upon the walls as they were painted black and white with heavy draperies hung by the window. A surge of nostalgia crept through Ashley, for she was used to her small warm room. Being at the vast and lonely villa made her think that it was such a monotonous and huge place to live.

When she reached the bedroom, she looked lazily at the empty room and thought something was not right here and there, and everywhere in the house. All of a sudden, she felt uncomfortable.

Looking around, she had come to realize that the style of the bedroom was similar to that of the living room.

A large white floppy bed was in the middle of the room, but it didn't look strange because the room was spacious.

On the right of the bed was a desk, which was just the right size to hold the bedside lamp. Maybe Andrew put it there on purpose because he needed to check some files occasionally.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Ashley put her suitcase beside the desk. Johnny sent her to the villa, but the host hadn't come back yet, so she thought it would be impolite to use anything without his consent.

With an absent mind, Ashley seemed to have forgotten that she was married to Andrew, and as the hostess of the house, she had no reason to think it was impolite after all.

On the left of the bed was a big French window. Through the window, she could see clearly what was happening outside the house. Peeking through, Ashley noticed a large flower nursery just under the window.

The camellias were in full bloom inside the nursery. The big white flowers and green leaves were very attractive and pleasant to the eye.

In an instant, at the look of the flowers, Ashley had fallen in love with the house. Gone was her feeling of remorse earlier.

Observing the place further, Ashley saw tha

is mother kept on asking him about his girlfriend, and it made him really vexed. He was still young. Why did his mother worry about his marriage at such an early age? In fact, his older brother hadn't found a girlfriend yet, but all this time, his mother just worried about the younger son.

After Greyson entered the shop, he was surprised that it was full of customers, though he got the news that the business went on very well. Besides, it had opened for only a few days. The place was just too busy and bustling, which was a good thing for the bakery.

Greyson thought that the staff deserved a favor for working hard.

"Nina, where is Ashley?" He waited till there were not so many clients. Then he pushed through the crowd and walked to Nina, asking.

"Mr. Yun, Miss Mu left earlier because she had something to do." Stopping for a while, Nina looked at Greyson and added with hesitation, "Why Mr. Yun, what do you want with Miss Mu? Is it something important?"

Disappointed at the fact that Ashley was not here, Greyson replied, "Nothing. Just continue to do your jobs. I gotta go."

With an awkward smile, Nina nodded.

Just as Greyson walked out of the shop, he accidentally dashed to a girl who was entering the shop.

"Ouch, it hurts." Then a soft female voice was heard. It sounded like she was about to cry, and she seemed to be hurt badly.

Being hurt at the same time, Greyson wanted to curse but stopped after hearing the voice. He raised his head and looked at the girl.

"Apologize to me!" The girl demanded. With his eyebrows raised a little, Greyson saw the girl. She had a cute hairstyle and a baby face. She was staring at him, with an accusation in her wet eyes.

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