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   Chapter 91 Having A Husband

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6916

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Looking at Lena, who was giving her a cold look, Ashley asked, "Miss Mu, please tell me how I should talk to Mrs. Mu."

Of course, Ashley didn't expect Lena to answer her. She then turned to Peggy.

Anger was simmering in Lena's chest, but she was helpless.

What she hated most was Ashley's air of indifference.

Surprise was evident in Peggy's face. Never in her wildest dream did she expect Ashley to get things done so soon. Looking down at Ashley's marriage certificate, she asked, "Is this fake?" Her attention was then averted by the photo of the man Ashley married.

He was so handsome that it made her more skeptical of the whole thing.

Lena moved closer to Peggy so that she could see clearly. After seeing the handsome man on the photo, she immediately became dumbfounded. 'Isn't this the man we met in the Vineyard Restaurant last time?

Who is this man?

How did Ashley end up with him?' Lena wondered.

With a sneer, Ashley addressed Peggy. "If you don't believe it," she started, glaring at the two ladies, "You're welcome to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to investigate at any time."

Peggy gave her a haughty look and snorted, "You don't have the nerve to deceive me!" 'There's just no way this can happen, ' she said inwardly, trying very hard to convince herself. After taking a deep breath, she looked at Ashley and threw the certificate to her face.

Ashley was able to dodge the attack, but it made her blood boil.

"Where's the jade pendant?" she asked, anger shining through the tone of her voice.

Feeling Ashley's aura, Peggy immediately took the jade pendant out of her bag to give it to her. However, she was stopped by Lena.

Looking Ashley in the eyes, Lena started to speak, "Tell us who the guy is first." She needed to know who that was.

Ashley quickly snatched the jade pendant from Peggy's hand and then looked at Lena. "That doesn't have anything to do with you."

Shaking with anger, Lena just stared at Ashley.

Upon holding the jade pendant, Ashley felt peace run through her veins. Never in her li

will be back in a few days."

No matter how Ellie tried to comfort her, Ashley felt uneasy.

Aside from really wanting to accompany Ellie back to her home, she really had no idea how to tell her she was already married.

Finally, Ashley decided to keep silent. Seeing Ellie's tired look, she thought that it would be better if she told her about it after she came back.

"When are you leaving?" Ashley asked.

"I'm leaving tomorrow. I've already bought the ticket online," answered Ellie.

Ashley immediately asked, "That fast?"

Ellie nodded. Her grandparents were her only relatives now. After hearing that her grandpa was injured, she became very worried and couldn't wait to return home.

"Okay then, I'll help you pack your things up," Ashley said comfortingly.

After packing up some clothes for Ellie, Ashley talked to her for a while and then she went back to her bedroom.

She sat by the window. Seeing the bright red cover of her marriage certificate on the table, she felt confused and conflicted.

The marriage felt like a dream.

Not one ounce of her person could believe that she had become a wife to a man.

Moreover, her husband was a man she had met only a few times.

A frown crept on her forehead. Everything that was happening to her life had been unexpected.

After a few minutes, she got up, and got ready to pack her things.

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