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   Chapter 90 She Has Agreed To Do As What I Said

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With her heart beating at a quickened pace, Ashley quickly ran away from Andrew's car.

After a while, noticing that she had made a safe distance away from the car, she stopped at a place where no one was around. Ashley panted at the thought of the scene that Andrew was kissing her passionately, which kept on flashing her mind.

She and Andrew had just met each other a few times. Except for that night when they slept together in the hotel, Ashley had never looked at Andrew so closely when he kissed her. She had to close her eyes because of the overwhelming sensation.

Being intimate with somebody wasn't new to Ashley, when she was in love with Raymond, they had intimate moments too.

But never did she feel so shy with her face burning red and her heart beating fast as horses racing on her heart.

'Maybe it's because Andrew is more handsome than Raymond, ' thought Ashley. She was trying hard to find an excuse to persuade herself into ignoring the strange feeling in her heart.

After a while, with the help of the chilly wind and the quiet place, Ashley calmed herself down and took a taxi to the cake shop. On her way there, Ashley suddenly thought of something and asked the driver to turn around.

Then, she called someone whom she dreaded to be acquainted with.

When the call was answered on the other end, it seemed that Peggy was busy doing something. It sounded a bit noisy and erratic.

Hearing her mother's voice, Ashley came straight to her purpose why she called Peggy. "Mrs. Mu, I have thought carefully about the thing you said. I want to talk to you later. By the way, remember to bring the jade pendant. I will wait for you in the coffee shop where we met last time."

After saying that, Ashley hung up the phone before Peggy could say anything.

'I don't have anything to do with the Mu family now. Why do I bother myself to listen to Peggy? After all, they haven't taken any responsibility for me except for adopting me, ' thought Ashley.

Lena and Peggy were shopping in a large-scale brand clothing store. When Peggy's mobile phone rang and she noticed Ashley's name on the screen, she grew impatient and was determined to not answer the phone. But moments later, thinking of the possibility that Ashley might want to talk about the deal they had made, Peggy changed her mind and finally answered the phone.

As she expected, Ashley mentioned that thing as soon as their lines connected. Hearing Ashley's words and sensing her eagerness over the phone, Peggy wasn't so happy for being bothered by Ashley while shopping.

And she didn't expect that Ashley would quickly

ally as she expected. For sure, her husband couldn't be comparable to Raymond in any aspect, seeing that she was very sad now.

At the thought of it all, Lena couldn't help but be glad. 'Oh, Ashley, even if Raymond still loves you and you used to be in love, you are married to another man now. And your husband couldn't be compared to Raymond, in any way!' thought Lena.

Looking down, Peggy also saw the marriage license on the table. She couldn't help feeling happy for having a successful deal with Ashley. She beamed with pride for her brilliant idea.

Maintaining her composure, Peggy pretended to know nothing and sat calmly down, trying to behave like a noble and elegant lady. "Well, why did you call me and invite me to come here?"

Eager to hear what she assumed to be a piece of good news for her, Lena sat down beside Peggy. At normal days, Lena used to look at Ashley with disdain even if she hadn't done her any wrong. Today, however, Lena's smile was from ear to ear and she eyed Ashley like she was her best friend.

Putting the spoon aside, Ashley stopped stirring her coffee. With furrowed eyebrows, she picked up the marriage license on the table and put it in front of Peggy. "I have done what you wanted. Now, give the jade pendant back to me."

Before Peggy could speak, Lena couldn't help yelling, "Ashley, how can you talk to my mother in such a rude manner?" Seeing that Ashley wasn't as sad as she expected, Lena lost her temper. Ashley's calmness and confidence irritated her.

'I am the heir of the Mu Group. I have a better family background and I'm definitely more excellent than Ashley. I should be the most eye-catching, the attention-getter. Ashley couldn't be leveled to me, ' thought Lena silently.

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