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   Chapter 89 Married

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But Ashley stood frozen as soon as she saw the picture.

In the photo, she was leaning over Andrew's shoulder with a shining smile and a subtle hint of shyness.

Ashley felt embarrassed and was rendered speechless when she saw the expression on her face in the photo. She couldn't believe that it was her in the picture.

Andrew, however, was very satisfied with the way the photo of them had turned out. His expression could not hide how elated he felt at this moment.

Finally, they emerged from the government office with two marriage certificates, one in each of their hands.

Ashley walked out in a daze holding the certificate in her hand, she was still trying to process the whole marriage thing. It all happened so fast and she hadn't had time to absorb it all.

'So that's it? Did I just marry this man who is standing next to me right now?'

she thought as she gazed at Andrew.

'Look at this man, 1.87 meters tall, handsome and perfect in every way as if he is blessed by the gods themselves, and look at those brooding eyes, so deep and full of mystery. It seems like every one would get lost by just looking into them.

How can a woman not be attracted to this impeccably groomed man, in that tailored black suit which accentuates his strong masculine body. His whole demeanor is suave, sophisticated and gentlemanly with a hint of mystery, ' thought Ashley as she admired her newlywed husband.

The thought of all that, helped Ashley easily accept the fact that she was now married to Andrew.

While Ashley was lost in her own thoughts, Andrew took the marriage certificate from her hand.

Ashley snapped out of her daydream and looked up at Andrew with confusion written on her pretty face.

Andrew gave her a dry smile and put the certificates in his pocket and said, "I'll look after that for you."

Ashley was going to nod her head to agree, however, she had thought of something and changed her mind. "Could you please let me have it for a while, because..."

Andrew's brows furrowed while he listened to her and he began to feel more and more doubtful about her intentions.

However, despite his frown, Ashley still continued, "Because I need that certificate for something and I promise that I will bring it back to you once I'm done."

Andrew didn't answer her, instead he stayed silent and stared at her trying to figure out whether she was telling him the truth or had some other ulterior motive behind it.

Ashley felt intimidated by his scrutinizing gaze and her heart skipped a beat.

But she was still determined to get that marriage certificate from him, so that

n't think that he would allow it and was so surprised that he had agreed so easily.

When Andrew saw the look on her face, he let out a small chuckle and said, "What? Do I look like a man who can't be reasoned with?"

Andrew felt completely at ease with his decision to give her the extra time, because he knew everything about Ashley. He got his people to collect all the information that was available on her when he first met her. He knew about her good friend, Ellie and that she needed to have some time alone with her.

Ashley shook her head, thinking, 'No, you don't.'

They soon arrived at the front of Ashley's apartment. She was so eager to sort her things out, as soon as Andrew had stopped the car, she opened the door about to get out. However, Andrew grabbed hold of her arm before she left.

Ashley turned back and stared at him, wondering what he wanted. Ashley suddenly realized that she really didn't know this man at all, but he did have an effect on her. She didn't know what he was thinking or what he wanted.

But the moment when Ashley turned towards him, Andrew unfastened his seat belt and leaned over and kissed her on the lips. He then gently brushed the hair away from her cheek with his thumb and said in a soft voice, "Do what you need to do. I'll be here to pick you up tomorrow."

Looking deep into his eyes, Ashley gaped at him in shock. She covered her mouth with her hands and fumbled to get out of the car quickly.

He watched as she scurried away into her apartment and smiled unconsciously. He touched his lips with his long fingers and could still feel the warmth from hers.

At that moment, he was certain that Ashley had feelings for him, otherwise, she wouldn't have fled that way.


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