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   Chapter 88 Get The Marriage Certificate

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 5140

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When Ashley came out of the shop, she hailed a taxi. Once home, she began changing clothes.

She didn't regret asking Andrew to marry her, even though she sprung it on him in the spur of the moment.

She changed clothes many times. She wanted the perfect outfit, and the perfect face. She dabbed skin-toned makeup on her face, but had a heavier hand around her tired eyes.

When Ashley was almost ready, her cell phone rang.

"Hello. OK. I am coming."

Her mind wandered when she stepped into the elevator.

'Will he like this style of me?'

Then she patted her face. Why did she care what he thought?

That man's charm was like that of the glorious mountains. He was attractive and heads turned involuntarily to look at him.

It didn't matter why she was marrying him.

Looking out the glass-paneled elevator, Ashley spotted Andrew's car, a Rolls-Royce. It was parked in the distance and the sparkling hood glistened, causing Andrew to look more radiant than ever. He leaned against the car and looked at his cell phone.

Ashley's heart beat quickly, stunned by his charm. She saw him many times before, but this time he was even more dazzling.

He seemed so charismatic and fascinating.

Andrew turned his head, put his phone in his pocket, and strode toward her. "Here you are."

Ashley nodded.

Andrew tugged at her hand and guided her to the car. "After you," he whispered, holding his hand out so she could climb in. He followed. Johnny was waiting in the front.

When Johnny saw Ashley, he put on a big

calluses on his palm. 'Perhaps it's from the pen he holds so often, ' she thought and felt assured.

Occupied with his hands, she envisioned his slender fingers melodiously playing the ivory keys of a piano.

Ashley didn't know why such a thought flashed in her mind.

She saw their hands intertwined, muttering, "Hmm," and entered the building with her groom.


To get the marriage certificate, they posed for a photo. It was also inevitable to touch each other for the couple.

Both Ashley and Andrew were extremely beautiful, and everyone would watch the exquisite couple.

"OK. Miss, show a natural expression and get closer to your man. Right, have a bigger smile."

"Sir, you can hug your lady..."

Ashley had a blush and moved closer to Andrew.

Andrew hugged Ashley's waist. He claimed her as his.

"Right. That's it. Perfect." Click. The photo of the two was taken.

"Sir, Miss, come see if it is OK."

The couple moved, in unison, to see the perfect pose documenting their matrimony.

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