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   Chapter 87 That Really Was My First Time

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'Marry you?' Andrew repeated the words in his head feeling mixed emotions.

He looked at Ashley with furrowed brows and confusion behind his eyes. Ashley smiled nervously back at him and was about to open her mouth to tell him that she was only joking around. Then, after staring at Ashley intensely for a few moments he nodded his head and said in a determined voice,"Fine. Let's get the marriage license tomorrow."

Now it was Ashley's turn to be stunned. She gaped at him in shock. It hadn't crossed her mind for one second that Andrew would agree to her proposal of marriage in such a short time. She expected that he would at least give it some time and thought. After all, marriage wasn't something to be taken lightly and it was a big commitment.

"So, what now? Do you want to back out?" Andrew asked in his magnetic voice. Ashley was still in a daze when Andrew came close to her and whispered in her ear,"You were the first woman that I made love to, so you should be responsible for me now."

Ashley's cheeks immediately turned crimson when she heard what Andrew had whispered to her. She pushed him away and blurted out,"You must be kidding. You didn't act like an inexperienced virgin, that night."

When Andrew confessed that she was his first, his ears turned red with embarrassment and his heart raced.

But when he heard what Ashley had said, his anxiety had eased, and he felt content that he must have performed well.

Ashley reacted like that because she felt tenser than he was.

The second she spat those words out she regretted it. Feeling abashed, she resisted the strong urge to slap herself. 'What was I thinking by saying something like that?' she screamed in her head.

Ashley was so embarrassed that she didn't even notice Andrew watching her. He saw her sweet rosy cheeks and how she averted her eyes from him and fidgeted awkwardly with her beautiful hair. And at that moment, he thought to himself, that she was the most adorable girl in the world.

With lips pressed, he stared at Ashley and said in earnest,"That really was my first time."

Ashley was in no mood to discuss the topic further with him.

She shifted from side to side and smiled awkwardly at him and then, she gathered all of her strength and bolted towards her apartment building.

Once she was inside her apartment she leaned her back against the door puffing out of breath. Her mind was a total mess and her heart was racing, and she didn't even know how sh

the first girl I made love to, so you should be responsible for me now!"


Andrew's enchanting voice from last night kept resounding in her ears. Ashley felt like she had just been struck by lightening.

'Oh, my goodness!

Why would I propose to him last night?' she shrieked silently, as she scratched her head.

"I... I'm on my way home. You, you can pick me up later," Ashley faltered. She didn't know why she just stammered.

When she realized that she had stammered a reply to Andrew she felt so foolish and embarrassed. She wished that he hadn't heard her.

'What's wrong with me? I'm making a fool of myself.

I have never stammered before when I spoke to him. Why was that?' she wondered.

Andrew was at his company, the Lu Group, in his office sitting at the desk when he called Ashley. When he heard Ashley stammering nervously he couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Ashley heard his loud laughter through the phone and it made her whole face turn red.

She was certain that he was laughing at her.

But the fact was that Andrew was just amused by her dopey reply.

When Ashley hung up the phone, she tried to fan her red hot cheeks. She didn't leave the break room until the redness on her face was gone.

She found Ellie and said,"I've got something that I have to do. I need to go out for a while."

"What's up? Did something happen to you?" Ellie asked with a concerned look.

"Oh, nothing important. I'll tell you later. I have to go," Ashley replied before leaving the bakery.

'What happened? Why is she in such a hurry?' Ellie muttered to herself as she stared at Ashley's retreating figure.

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