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   Chapter 85 I Miss You

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 10097

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"Hello…" Ashley answered with a sleepy raspy voice. She was still half asleep and her voice sounded different than she would normally sound. However, her smoky nasal tone still had a seductive sound to his ears.

Andrew was still sitting in his car when he heard the voice on the other end of the line. He froze on the spot, just from hearing that, one single word. He sat dumbstruck and speechless with the cellphone still held against his ear.

Andrew was extremely tired after days spent solving a business emergency in another city. He rushed back to J City, driving all the way from the airport without a break. Feeling greatly fatigued, both physically and mentally, Andrew sat silently in his car. He had dark black circles under his bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep.

Even though it would have been wiser for Andrew to have driven straight home to rest, he couldn't help himself. He had to drive straight to Ashley's apartment. Andrew knew that it was late and that she would most likely be in bed sleeping. But he thought it might ease the deep longing that he felt for her, by sitting outside her window for a little while.

However, after a short while of gazing up at her apartment window. He pulled out his cell phone and scrolled down the contact list until he came to Ashley's name. He stared at the name on the screen and absentmindedly stroked the name gently with his thumb as if he was caressing her. The very first time that he entered Ashley's phone number into his cell phone, he had set it on speed dial. That way he could reach her within seconds. Andrew had gazed upon those string of numbers so many times before, that he knew them by heart.

After he stared at the screen and contemplated about it for quite a while, his thumb finally pressed on her name and the phone began to dial out the number. As soon as he pressed the button, his heart did a little flip in his chest. His feelings were mixed with both excitement and uneasiness. He sat anxiously waiting the phone to be put through.

And when Ashley had finally answered the phone, Andrew was surprised to find that he was too nervous to say anything. He had never been like this before, with anyone.

The longer the silence between them on the phone remained the more nervous Andrew seemed to feel. However, Ashley's patience was beginning to run thin.

"Hello?" she answered once again. But a little louder this time, just in case the person on the other end didn't hear her the first time. Yet, there was still no response at all.

Ashley was already annoyed that she had been woken up so late in the night. However, the fact that whoever it was that called her, wasn't even answering, was starting to make her feel angry. 'Who the hell is calling me in the middle of the night and won't even answer, ' she thought furiously.

"Who is that? I'm going to hang up if you don't start talking," she said frustrated. Ashley thought her voice sounded threatening and angry. But on the other end of the line, to Andrew, it soun

and let me go back to sleep? But wait a minute...

Why do I suddenly feel like I am having a midnight rendezvous with a lover?'

She couldn't ignore the feeling. That was exactly what she felt like at this moment.

After going through the options in her mind, Ashley quickly realized that she didn't have any. She agreed to his demand and hung up the phone. Ashley threw the covers aside and crawled out of bed once again and put a coat on over her pajamas.

Slowly, she opened her bedroom door and quietly crept out. Once she reached Ellie's door, she stopped and put her ear against it, listening for any sound. When she was satisfied that Ellie was deep in sleep, she continued to creep softly across the hall to the front door.

Standing in the hallway outside of the apartment she quietly closed the door behind her and breathed a sigh of relief that she didn't wake Ellie up.

She then casually went down the stairs without having to worry about waking anyone and soon was outside of the building. As she walked to the gate she could see Andrew standing next to his car waiting expectantly. His eyes were firmly on her, watching as she approached him.

Ashley felt self-conscious and uneasy under Andrew's steady gaze. 'Why is he looking at me like that?' she wondered.

She breathed in deeply to give herself courage as she slowly walked towards him. Once she reached Andrew, she couldn't wait to give him a piece of her mind,"What was so important that we couldn't talk about it over the phone? Why did you insist on me coming out…" All of a sudden, before she had time to finish what she was going to say, Andrew took a step forward and she felt two strong arms wrap around her. Andrew couldn't wait any longer, so as soon as he saw Ashley was close he virtually pounced on her. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her close to his body.

He held her tightly in his arms as he buried his head near her neck and breathed her in. She was intoxicating. His breath on her neck tickled her.

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