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   Chapter 84 Andrew Came Back

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Facing the man's threat, Ashley didn't show any sign of fear on her face. When the man was about to say something, the woman beside him tugged his sleeve.

Left with no choice, the man snorted at Ashley and followed his wife to the other side.

The woman didn't say a word until they walked to a quiet corner far away from Ashley. "What are we going to do? Will they discover what we did to Jenny?" she whispered anxiously after she glanced around and made sure no one could hear them.

With a serious look on his face, the man gave the woman an uneasy glance. Then he said in a low voice, "Don't worry. It's not a big deal even if they find out what we did to Jenny. All we need to do is insist that Jenny blacked out because she ate that cake I bought from the Memory Bakery. They can't do anything to us."

Although the woman agreed with him, she was still apprehensive.

Frowning, she blurted out her concern, "I don't think things will go on as expected. I have a bad vibe that something bad will happen."

Casting the woman a disgruntled glance, the man said peremptorily, "That's enough. You're worrying over nothing. Even if anything happens, I will take full responsibility. You will be safe and uncompromised."

The woman wanted to say something but swallowed her words at the sight of the displeased look on his face.

With different thoughts running on their heads, the three waited outside the ward.

Worried as she was, Ellie called up Ashley and asked her whether she needed someone to be with her at the hospital. However, Ashley refused immediately and asked her to just stay in the bakery and take care of business.

Ellie was worried sick that Ashley couldn't handle the couple, but the latter reassured her that she would settle this properly.

The couple together with Ashley had waited about one hour before the doctor walked out. He took off his mask and looked stern.

Stopping in front of them, he swept his gaze through the three. In a harsh voice, he asked, "Who is the little girl's family?"

"I'm her father. How is she? Is she okay?" the man replied.

Oblivious of his questions, the physician asked, "You said that she blacked out because she ate some cakes, right?"

Jittery inside, the woman nodded in confirmation and replied, "Yes, doctor. Jenny lost consciousness because she ate the cake we bought from her bakery."

Doubtfully, the doctor looked at the couple and said, "There is nothing wrong with

it in the shop window.

The report drew the attention of many pedestrians. Some smart people realized what was going on at the sight of it. Apparently, the owner of Teddy Bear Bakery had gotten envious of Ashley's bakery for they attracted many customers and stole some of his regulars. That was why the couple framed Ashley up. However, they were not successful and didn't get what they wanted. Luckily, more and more costumers went to Ashley and Ellie's bakery.

On the contrary, the Teddy Bear Bakery lost lots of its clients after that event. People were smart enough to judge who was guilty and who was blameless. Despite that, the couple could do nothing to win their customers back.

As Ashley and Ellie's shop acquired more clients, the two girls got their hands full. But they enjoyed being busy and loved their craft.

Today, Ashley and Ellie were exceptionally thankful for the smooth flow of the business operations. Except for that hiccup in the morning, nothing bad had happened that day.

After a hectic day, Ashley and Ellie got home. After a sumptuous meal and a quick shower, they fell asleep quickly.

The night seemed to fly by so fast as Ashley and Ellie snorted on a deep slumber.

At 11:00 pm, a call woke up Ashley just as she tossed up on the bed to straighten her stiff back.

Slightly miffed, she reached out and hung up the call. However, she was bothered when her phone rang again, and the ring was longer this time.

Irritated, Ashley turned on the bedside lamp and fumbled for her phone on the bedside table. Without bothering to open her eyes, she picked up the phone and answered the call.

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