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   Chapter 82 Explanation

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Seeing that the man was so agitated, the seed of doubt in Ashley's mind grew to become solid conviction in her heart in the blink of an eye.

Their cakes never had any quality issues all these days, so how could a girl faint when she consumed them?

Avoiding the perturbed man, Ashley called the ambulance. "Hello, we are now at No. 389, Chaya Road, Bridge Street. There is a girl who fainted after eating a cake..."

She tried to explain the situation to the man on the other end of the line.

But before she could finish, the father of the child rammed into her, knocking her cell phone to the ground.

By now Ashley's patience was wearing thin with this man's repeated interruption.

Shooting a stern look at the man, she decided to give him a piece of her mind. "You claim that your daughter fainted because she ate the cake from my shop. We won't brush off our responsibility in this matter. But we need to call the ambulance to see exactly what is wrong with your daughter.

Why are you repeatedly stopping me from calling the ambulance? Do you really want your daughter to be lying here like this?

You have broken two of our cell phones. We aren't sure whether your daughter's condition is caused by the cake in our shop. If you really think that is the reason, why are you stopping me from calling the ambulance? We aren't avoiding our responsibility for this nor are we denying it. So what are you so agitated about?

And if that is not the case, then my guess is that you have hidden intentions."

Now even the onlookers started questioning the man's actions.

'If the little girl has really fainted only because of Memory Bakery's cake, why don't they call the ambulance first? Don't they care about their daughter's well being?

Moreover, the shop manager clearly wants to shoulder her responsibility, but he isn't allowing her to do so. Why does he keep hu

my shop will boom again.' He almost blurted out his inner thoughts but fortunately, he held his tongue at the last minute.

The man said, "My girl fainted after eating the cake in your shop. Shouldn't you be responsible for her?"

"I never said that I am not responsible for her! The ambulance will come here at once. When the doctor checks her, everything will be clear. If our cake is really the reason for your daughter's condition, I will shoulder all the responsibilities. If not..." Ashley paused to let her words sink in.

"I am not a good bully but if something is really fishy, I will not let it pass easily!"

The man's mind blanked out for a moment, and was replaced by fear when he saw Ashley's calm face. At the same time he couldn't help but chuckle. He told himself that he had nothing to fear as she was just a silly little girl.

However, things don't often go as per one's wishes.

"Mom? Dad? Where are we now? I'm feeling so cold." The girl lying on the floor opened her eyes and looked around with a puzzled expression.

Although the little girl spoke softly, people heard her properly.

Everything became crystal clear when they saw the perplexed look on the little girl's face as well as the panic on her parent's faces.

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