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   Chapter 81 Trick

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Cheryl was a waitress that Greyson had recommended to Ashley. She was a pretty young girl who worked hard. Ashley thought highly of her.

"Ashley, you're finally here," Cheryl said in a shaky voice. The young girl had never been in such a situation before and was visually shaken by it. Her eyes were wide with fear and red from crying. Ashley approached her, patted the girl reassuringly on the back and asked, "What happened?"

"I am not sure. When I came here, I saw a girl lying in front of our shop and her parents said that their daughter had blacked out after she ate one of our cakes,"

Cheryl said with a worried tone in her voice.

When the father of the girl saw Ashley, he stopped crying and stood up immediately. He pointed at Ashley and shouted angrily, "You're the boss here, right?

I heard that the cakes in your shop were delicious, so I bought some vanilla cream puffs. My wife and I didn't have a chance to try them because we had something to do.

But when our daughter Jenny came home from school, she saw the cream puffs and had some and now she has passed out."

The man then turned around and looked at the crowd as he squeezed out a few tears. "I didn't expect that my daughter would get sick after eating a cake from this shop.

You'd better not buy anything from this bakery. The food here isn't safe to eat," he said indignantly.

He then turned to his daughter and bent down stroking her hair. "Oh, my poor girl. She is so young and now she is lying unconscious because she ate a cream puff from this bakery."

The girl's mother who was squatting down beside the unconscious girl shook her body and cried, "Wake up, Jenny. Please open your eyes. I can't lose you, sweetie."

The onlookers started whispering to one another.

"I ate food from that shop, it was really good and I didn't get sick from it. Perhaps something else has made his daughter sick," a man said.

"Oh that poor little girl. It doesn't loo

hey tried to help your little girl out of goodwill. Can't you see that?" said someone from the crowd.

"Besides, that lady was going to call 120, but you just slapped it out of her hand and now it's broken on the ground. Why would you do that?" asked another.

The onlookers began to question and criticize the father's behavior.

Everyone had been so caught up in the man's accusations against the bakery that they ignored the fact that the parents didn't do anything to help their own daughter and take her to a hospital.

"Call 120. The kid needs immediate treatment," some bystander called out.

Ashley pulled her phone out with the intention of calling 120. The girl's father saw what she was going to do and made a quick move towards her to try and stop her.

Ashley frowned at him and managed to dodge his advances, protecting her phone so it didn't end up like Ellie's one which was broken on the ground.

She glared at him and asked acidly, "What are you doing?"

"No! You can't call 120!" the man yelled and shot Ashley a threatening look.

Frowning, Ashley glared at him and snapped, "Why not? Didn't you say that our shop's food made your daughter get sick and collapse? I am trying to save your daughter's life. If she doesn't get to a hospital, she could be in grave danger!"

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