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   Chapter 80 Trouble Was Coming

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The two pastry chefs, who had previously worked for Harkim, were hired by Greyson with high pay. The cakes they baked were much better, and lighter, than those made by ordinary chefs.

After all, Harkim only catered to high-born people from the upper class of society. Anyone working here had to possess extraordinary skills, otherwise they would never be allowed to work here.

Unsurprisingly, looking at Ashley's fine figure, that customer had no doubt that she was telling the truth. Moreover, no one could resist such a delicious cake.

Although running a bakery was a first for Ashley and Ellie and they didn't know much about the trade, they were smart enough to pick up on the job. They managed the bakery pretty well and even improved business.

Ashley enjoyed her new life so much. Although ordinary, she felt so fulfilled at the end of the day.

However, God knew that she would never lead an ordinary life.

While Ashley was in seventh heaven, Andrew was suffering on his business trip far away from home.

Even Johnny could see that he was in a terrible mood on this trip, as he had ordered his staff to finish a task, which would have ordinarily taken seven days, within three days.

A seven-day task to be completed in three days!

Three days!

Not four days or five days but three days. How could that even happen?!

This was not the first time that Andrew had worked crazy hours, but Johnny could not figure out what had happened to him on this trip. It was clearly not necessary for him to work so hard right now.

"Sir, these are the materials for tomorrow's contract meeting." Johnny knocked on the door and stepped into Andrew's hotel room with a pile of folders in his hands. Johnny's dark circles were proof that he must have stayed up late last night.

However, Andrew was more exhausted than his staff. His weariness was evident in his haggard appearance.

"Just put them on the desk," he commanded. Staring straight at the computer screen in front of him, Andrew spoke in a low but harsh tone.

Johnny did as he was told and stop

er the one next door.

Moreover, the pastry chefs that Greyson had hired for them were incomparable to the common chefs working at their competitor's shop.

The young couple envied Ashley and Ellie and taunted them every time they saw the girls. But it didn't bother them too much, as they knew this was inevitable in business.

However, the more tolerant they were, the worse the couple's behaviour became towards them as they regarded them as nothing but pushovers. Things got even worse.

One day, while Ashley and Ellie were heading to work, they found a large crowd gathered in front of their bakery. There was a lot of hubbub among the crowd, and the chefs and the waitresses were standing outside too.

Looking at each other in confusion, Ashley and Ellie immediately rushed towards the crowd.

Seeing them coming, someone in the crowd started to yell, "Look, there come the owners of the bakery. Finally they are here."

Ashley and Ellie frowned as they sensed some hostility.

Ashley ran to the crowd quickly and said, "Please move aside."

People stepped backwards as they saw Ashley coming.

"Cheryl, what happened?" When Ashley finally cleaved her way through the crowd, she saw someone lying on the floor with two people squatting down beside the person and weeping. A baffled Ashley found Cheryl standing in the crowd and asked her what was the matter.

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