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   Chapter 79 Memory Bakery

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However, Lena didn't pay attention to his mention of Harkim.

"Are you saying that Ashley has rented a place to open her own shop?" Lena asked in a cold, irritated voice.

Benjamin slowly met Lena's eyes and nodded silently.

"Crap!" Lena glared furiously at Benjamin. She stood up with a frown on her face and pushed him down to the floor.

Benjamin was shocked by Lena's actions. He was caught off-guard and was knocked down to the ground.

Benjamin didn't get mad with Lena's rude behaviour. He kept silent even after she shoved him. He just lay on the floor and didn't even bother to get up.

Lena was infuriated when she saw that Benjamin was calm and unmoved. She hated how he acted very much like Ashley.

She gawked at Benjamin with enraged eyes and yelled at him angrily, "Stand up right now! What are you doing on the floor? Do you feel comfortable lying on the floor?"

Lena held her chest and sighed deeply. She walked around in the office as she tried to analyze the current situation. Finally, she asked, "You said that somebody is helping Ashley. Who is it? What is this person's relationship with Ashley?"

Benjamin answered with a low, apologetic voice, "I don't know who he is. That person is very good at keeping his identity a secret. I can't investigate it well. Additionally, Ashley leased a shop managed by the Harkim."

"What? Ashley rented a shop owned by the Harkim?" Ashley reconfirmed Benjamin's information. Her eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

Benjamin nodded in response to Lena's query.

"No! It's not possible! How could she have convinced the management of Harkim to rent her a shop? She is just a lowly orphan! She was a nobody until my family adopted her! How could she obtain connections with the people from the Harkim?" Lena was furious at what she just heard. She refused to believe that Ashley was connected with such a big company. How could someone like Ashley be connected with the people of the Harkim?

A man entered Lena's mind.

Lena and Raymond saw that man with Ashley the last time they were in the Vineyard Restaurant. He had a handsome face and stood beside Ashley.

Lena didn't care for his attractive looks or the fact that he could afford to come to the Vineyard. She had been part of the Vineyard circle but that was her first time to encounter him. Lena dismissed his existence and thought of him as just some common man. He couldn't possibly have any influentia

om how the dozens of small round holes in it make it look like a sponge. It has a sweet taste and a crispy crust. It is very delicious! Here, have a taste."

The customer was allured by Ashley's flavoursome introduction and inspected the cake even more. Actually, the cake piqued her interest because it looked a lot like SpongeBob. Her eyes were fixated on the cute cake when Ashley came by and introduced it to her. The customer became delighted when Ashley mentioned that they had some free tastes.

The customer grabbed a piece and placed it in her mouth. The cake was soft and sweet yet not oily. The flavour melted in the customer's mouth. The female customer had always enjoyed sweet food and the sponge cake matched her palate. She definitely wanted to eat some more!

However, the customer hesitated before she decided to buy the cake. She turned to Ashley and asked, "Will this cake make me fat?" The customer was fond of sweet cakes but she was afraid that she would gain weight, so she had always eaten in moderation. However, the free taste had captivated her taste buds that she wanted to eat dozens of these cakes without a care for her weight.

Ashley answered, "No, it won't. The cakes in this shop wouldn't make you gain weight. Take a look at me. I eat the cakes here every day but I am able to maintain the same weight."

Ashley told the truth. She instructed the chefs to cook the cakes with only raw ingredients. They weren't allowed to add artificial sweeteners or flavours. If they needed to adjust the taste, they could use basic ingredients but not anything that might contain harmful substances.

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