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   Chapter 78 Thoughts

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Ashley and Ellie began to prepare for their cake shop after they rented the storefront Greyson found for them.

For the whole day that day, they were on their feet, running to and from different places to take care of things. And, as if knowing that they'd be very busy, Greyson didn't show up.

The next day, Ashley and Ellie went to check the storefront. The middle-aged man was still there and astonishingly, he decorated the store according to the design Greyson showed him. The two were very thankful about that.

After a few days, Ashley and Ellie were able to get everything ready, except for a baker.

Greyson then showed up, and brought two cake bakers and two servers with him.

The two couldn't help but be amazed by Greyson's timing. "It's as if he knew what we needed," Ellie whispered to Ashley, unable to hide her excitement.

Despite deeply appreciating Greyson's help, they just couldn't accept what he was giving them anymore.

They were already able to rent the place at such a low price because of him!

After hearing what the two girls had to say, Greyson chuckled and said, "Guys, hear me out before you say no!" He sat them down and his expression became serious.

"Actually," he started, "I've always wanted to have a cake shop, but I don't know how to operate one." He leaned on the table and lowered his voice. "I want to be partners with you two. I will be responsible for the recruitment of employees, and then I would receive dividends by the end of the year," he said, looking Ashley and Ellie in the eyes, one at a time.

"So," he said, clapping his hands once and leaning back on his chair. "What do you girls say?" His voice was back to being bubbly. "Would you let me join the management of your cake shop?" The two girls were visibly taken aback.

Ashley was the one who broke the silence, and asked, "Are you serious about that?" It was something she never expected would happen. "Do you really want to be in our business? Because Ellie and I are just taking a shot, and if this doesn't go well..."

"I 100

. "They would definitely want to have an affair with him in order to get wealthy," Peggy said.

Lena understood all of those. Also, she planned on winning Mrs. Luo's affection by asking her for her advice on different things.

Without saying anything, Benjamin followed Lena's orders and walked behind her, put his hands on her shoulders and massaged her.

Just within a few minutes of doing that, Lena's body aches were relieved.

Despite having mediocre looks, Benjamin had a warm personality and it made him very attractive.

Enjoying Benjamin's massage, Lena said lazily, "You wouldn't come to my office if nothing happened. So tell me what happened?"

"You ordered me to prevent Ashley from renting a store, right?" Benjamin started, his voice shaky. "Well, it worked in the beginning. Ashley was ready to give up, but then a man whom I don't know suddenly appeared and helped her rent a storefront." He was massaging Lena's back a little too hard now. "Also..."

Benjamin's voice trailed off.

Lena's intuition told her that Benjamin wouldn't bring her any good news.

As impatient as she was, she frowned and asked in a threatening manner, "What? Just say it!"

Glancing at Lena, Benjamin continued, "The man may be of high status, because the store they rented belongs to Harkim." Benjamin's heart was beating so fast. "I didn't dare act harshly."

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