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   Chapter 77 Going Back Home

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After almost everyone around them went away, Ashley and Ellie slowly pushed their shopping carts towards the checkout counter.

Greyson walked beside Ashley, staring at the expression on her face. However, no matter how carefully he observed her, he couldn't figure out whether Ashley was angry or not.

Not knowing whether Ashley was pleased or vexed with what happened, Greyson felt a bit dejected. The idea that he had to reveal his own character and temper in front of others by accident sent chills down his spine, but despite that, he was quite satisfied with what he had done.

Finally reaching the checkout counter, the three lined up silently. The cashier working at the checkout was a young woman. Although she looked short and small, she worked quickly, her hand moving fast. Thus after Ashley, Ellie and Greyson waited for a short while, it was their turn to pay for the goods they picked at the supermarket.

However, for reasons unknown to them the cashier seemed to slow down at the sight of Greyson. Admittedly he was good-looking and full of charm, so the cashier's face grew red and she couldn't take her eyes away from Greyson. Considering that they had bought a lot of things and if the cashier kept acting so slowly, they might have to wait for a long time before they could leave the supermarket.

A bit impatient, Ashley cast a glance at the innocent Greyson who couldn't seem to understand why being handsome could sometimes cause him hassles.

Feeling a little awkward and noticing Ashley's sullen gaze, Greyson said to the cashier, "Could you please be a little quicker? We're a bit pressed for time." With these, Greyson flashed the young woman a smile, revealing his milky white teeth.

The young woman was stunned, not expecting that Greyson would talk to her. After hearing his sweet voice and seeing his killer smile, she bowed her head and speeded up, her face getting extremely red.

Ashley and Ellie got a bit amused watching what was going on.

The two of them tried to hold on to their laughter and kept their silence. They left the supermarket without saying anything after the incident.

They just gave each other awkward stares and cold expressions.

The moment they walked out of the supermarket, each of them carried two large shopping bags with goods. They indeed had bought a great load of goods this time.

Luckily, they just bought things in the nearest supermarket to the apartment where Ashley lived. Otherwise, it might exhaust them if they took so much stuff back from a place far away from Ashley's house.

The residential district where Ashley and Ellie rented an apartment was called Jade Garden. The place was secured, with a good fri

don you after she meets me?"

"Bah!" Greyson uttered morosely. Then he sent an emoji standing for disdain and typed, "She will never take even a fancy look on you. You're such a playboy!

Humph! I don't want to talk to you anymore. I have to go inside the kitchen to help my little pretty prepare food now."

After he finished sending the last message, Greyson logged out of WeChat and put his phone aside.

Otherwise, he might surely have to spend even a few more days on the argument with Francis if he kept on talking back to Francis like that.

After entering the kitchen, Greyson rolled up his sleeves and saw Ashley and Ellie who were busy preparing the hotpot. "Hmm, that smells great, Ashley. Ellie let me help you."

Right then, Ellie was staying beside the pot where many red peppers were floating on the soup. As for Ashley, she was washing vegetables. She had already washed clean most of the vegetables and placed them in several plates. After they took those vegetables and the pot with soup to the living room, they could start having their hotpot.

Ashley took a glance at Greyson and said, "Greyson, take these plates to the table first. We can enjoy delicious food soon."

"Okay," Greyson replied. Then he picked up the plates with vegetables next to Ashley and took them to the table.

After a while, they sat at the table and enjoyed the hotpot.

After the meal, Ashley and Ellie took Greyson downstairs so he could rest for a while after a sumptuous meal, after which they went on walking to the nearby park to burn out some calories they had just taken. They enjoyed telling stories and cracking jokes along the way. Before Greyson left to go home, Ashley and Ellie reminded him to be careful on the way home and he should send them a message after he got home.

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