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   Chapter 76 Her Ugly Face

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Shivers ran down her spine as Lena felt embarrassed after hearing what Greyson had said. Her ever glamorous face grew scarlet red as it flushed with shame. She couldn't help but give Greyson a sharp look.

At first, Lena, who at the instant set her eyes on Greyson, felt a surge of infatuation rising from deep within her heart. She presumed him to be a clever and charming man, and usually, her presumptions never failed her.

Moreover, when Greyson spoke to Ashley, his voice was too soft and inaudible to be heard by Lena. Therefore, Lena had done her silly trick again this time to make people misunderstand the relationship between Greyson and Ashley. Every time they were together in a crowd such as parties or gatherings, Lena wanted so much that everyone would misunderstand Ashley, and look at her as the villain in the story. She hated Ashley so much up to the extent that she would throw mud at her in front of so many people.

However, nobody would have expected that Greyson would give such a remark and turned things around greatly. Everyone was surprised at what he had done.

Those people shopping in the supermarket heard Greyson's words and believed most of what he said.

When they turned to see the fierce look on Lena's face, they found neither gentleness nor delicacy on that beautiful face anymore.

So they all came to realize that they were fooled by Lena's act. This time, the way they looked at her was no longer kind and sympathetic.

Meanwhile, Raymond was totally astounded after hearing Greyson's words. The idea that Greyson called that man his sister's boyfriend kept playing on his mind. However, he was not aware of the deeper meaning behind Greyson's words.

Letting the words sync in through him, Raymond calmed down and thought about it carefully. He would investigate the matter and find answers to his questions. 'Since when did Ashley have such a brother?' Raymond couldn't help asking himself.

With her eyebrows crossed, Ashley was also a little puzzled by Greyson's words. She thought to herself, 'Boyfriend?

Did the two meet? Then when did he see Andrew? What's more, how could Andrew be my boyfriend?' Despite thinking hard, Ashley found no way to get answers to her questions. As she came to herself from deep thinking and raised her head, she noticed the anger and unwillingness on Lena's face and the ironical amazement on Raymond's face.

Likewise, she found those who had blamed her were all turning their heads to condemn Lena. So Ashley just kept her silence and swallowed back all the words she had intended to say. There were noises rising from the crowd. One voice was heard saying, "See? What did I tell you? That girl is not that kind of person. You were just judging her from the scene. You just didn't believe me, then now here comes the truth."

Another person cut in by saying, "When the two girls met each other, that girl was quite pleased and called the other girl affectionately? However, what she said earlier was all against the girl. She seemed to be acting to mislead us to misunderstand the girl on purpose by saying those words.

If she really takes the girl as her sister, how c

e been mistreated not just once but for many times.

After realizing that almost everyone cast sight on Lena with great resentment and disdain. Lena was taken aback. People were showing their anger and discontentment.

Receiving all the negative looks, Lena was extremely infuriated as she nearly couldn't find her breath.

She shouted in her heart, 'All this resentment and disdain should have been received by Ashley! I don't deserve these. This is not what I have expected! It's not fair.'

Greyson desired to stir up the trouble, he was more like a little monster than a man in this condition. He added, "Aunt, please stop looking at me with this kind of look. I might have a nightmare tonight."

"Lena," called Raymond angrily. The expression on Raymond's face was not good either. Now that Lena was his fiancée, she thought she would have someone at her back. However, what she had done also made Raymond lose his face.

"Raymond, I... I didn't..." Lena said in a low voice as if she was about to shed tears the next second. Successfully, she did squeeze out a tear or two, looked at Raymond with grievance and seized the best time to throw herself into Raymond's hug.

Raymond felt sorry for the humiliation his fiancée had to deal. His heart ached when he saw that Lena was crying so heavily. Considering her grief, he didn't say anything and just consoled her by returning her embrace. What he could do was hold Lena's shoulders tightly. Before he led Lena to leave the supermarket, he looked deeply into Ashley's eyes as if to read her mind.

When their figures were out of sight, Greyson turned to the crowd and said with his sweet voice, "I want to thank all of you. Without your help, my sister and I would have been made to be misunderstood again by that malicious aunt. Thank you for your time, we really appreciate it."

The crowd applauded seeing that Greyson was so sweet and clever. They all felt quite pleased with him. Although they were a little shy to be praised by such a gentleman they just waved their hands and dispersed one by one. They were all beaming as they left.

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