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   Chapter 75 My Sister And Her Boyfriend

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Ashley really didn't want to introduce Lena and Raymond to Greyson. So when Greyson asked about them, she mumbled to him, "Oh, they're just some unimportant people. Since you've found what you lost, let's go."

She then turned to Lena and Raymond and said quickly, "We have something else that we have to do, so we've got to go now."

She didn't like them and would prefer to avoid Lena and Raymond as much as possible. However, since she had run into them, Ashley couldn't ignore them. Ashley knew how good Lena was at acting so she decided to pretend as well.

"But Ashley, we haven't seen each other for such a long time. Could you please stay a little longer so we can catch up?" Lena said with a pretend sad face and pouted lips. Lena saw that Ashley was going to leave, so she tried to stop her by sounding sincere, yet she had mischief in her eyes. Her voice was so honeyed that anyone's heart would have melted if they heard it.

The mischief in Lena's eyes disappeared quickly, but Greyson noticed it.

Greyson furrowed his brows slightly and thought, 'Alvin was right about Lena. She enjoys provoking Ashley.

Even though Ashley made it clear that she didn't want to stay any longer, probably to avoid any conflict with Lena, Lena ignored her and acted like she really wanted to see her.'

Greyson gave Ashley a surprised look. His adorable eyes were wide open and his baby face looked so sweet and innocent, and he asked, "Ashley, is she your sister? But you don't look anything like each other."

Ashley gave Greyson a frustrated look and explained, "We aren't biological sisters. It doesn't matter, just forget about it. You said you want to eat hotpot. So let's go."

There was no way that Lena was going to let Ashley get away so easily without causing her some mischief.

Lena then looked at Greyson and asked, "Ashley, who is he? If I'm not mistaken, he's not the same guy that went to the restaurant with you that day... Oh my, is he your new...?" Lena deliberately didn't finish her sentence. She noticed that people around were listening in on their conversation. So she used that to her

that harm you in any way? How could you speak like that about my sister?"

Greyson said without pausing. What he said made the people who had judged Ashley unfairly feel embarrassed.

They didn't know whether it was true that Ashley had gone out with one man and now with another.

And now that they had heard Greyson call Ashley his sister, they felt ashamed that they were so quick to pass judgment and had assumed the worst without considering all the facts.

They had immediately believed Lena and taken her side because she looked so sincere and sweet.

Most of the people who had gathered around were elderly.

They were hoping to pick up a bit of gossip so they could spread the word around.

Although Greyson looked cute and harmless, what he said was plausible and made sense.

Even Ashley and Ellie stood still and looked at Greyson in shock.

After Greyson managed to contradict what Raymond and Lena had said, he then looked at Lena.

Lena had been so shocked by what Greyson had said. She could feel his intimidating eyes on her and she cowered at being put in a disadvantaged position. But she couldn't stop him.

Greyson then continued looking Lena straight in the eyes. "I heard you are Ashley's sister. I thought you would genuinely care for her. However, I see now that you deliberately tried to slander Ashley in front of all of these people just to cause trouble for her."

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