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   Chapter 74 Unexpected Meeting

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Greyson pushed the shopping cart, full of snacks, and followed Ashley and Ellie.

Greyson watched as they loaded more and more food into the carts. When they were overflowing, they went to the cash register.

"Girls, can we finish so much food?" Greyson said, looking at the mound of groceries.

Ashley knew Greyson was worried. She, however, wasn't. If they bought too many ingredients, they had a refrigerator to store them until the next time they ate.

"Don't worry. We can finish them all. Besides, even if we don't eat them today, we will have enough to make other meals."

Greyson nodded, but still didn't understand. He simply shook his head and stood quietly behind the girls.

He knew all three of them liked eating. They didn't need to worry if they would be able to consume them all.

Greyson pushed a shopping cart, and Ashley and Ellie pushed another one.

On the way to the cash register, they saw two people in the corner of the store, walking and talking, hand in hand.

Ashley pretended not to see them and swiveled around, diverting her attention away from the familiar outline.

In a whisper, the female silhouette nudged the male, and said, "Is that Ashley?" pointing across the store. "With Ellie?"

The man's ears perked up at the sound of the name Ashley. "Ashley? Where?" He stammered. Lena held onto Raymond's arm in desperation.

"Over there," she sighed. Raymond's heart beat faster and his eyes twinkled, just at the mention of her name and he wanted to see her.

Lena sucked air through her teeth. She did not intend to split Raymond's attention with anyone, especially not Ashley.

She pointed to the direction where Ashley passed. "I am not sure if it is Ashley, but judging from the back, it looks like her, with Ellie beside her."

He wanted to see her but, he recalled how he and Ashley parted ways in the Vineyard Restaurant. Clearly, he was blacklisted from speaking with her, but he really wanted to find out about the

immediately. That man had nothing to do with her already.

"Ashley?" Lena called out her sister's name.. "Fancy meeting you here."

'There's nothing fancy about this meeting, but I suppose we will have unexpected meetings from time to time, ' Ashley thought. She wanted nothing more than for Greyson to return so they could finally pay for their food and go home. "Yeah, what a coincidence," Ashley said dryly. She wanted to avoid being anywhere near these people. Seriously, where was Greyson?

Lena grabbed Raymond's hand and said, "Should we make the new dish tonight?" Pivoting toward the girls, Lena said, "I want to show off my new cooking skills for this fine man."

She smirked at Ashley with her voice proud. "Judging by your carts, you and Ellie may want to invest in cooking classes too."

Her eyes darted towards the second cart.

"Hmm, Ellie, I see you have a lot of food. What are you going to do? Why are you buying so many things?" Ellie's patience was also wearing thin.

Her words clipped, she answered, "Nothing. We just needed groceries."

At this time, Greyson rushed to them. "Ashley, Ellie, I found it. Let's go checkout and go home."

"Hallelujah!" The girls said in unison.

"Hold up. I need an introduction to your friends," Greyson said, spotting Lena and Raymond nearby.

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