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   Chapter 73 The Curious Boy

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Shopping in the supermarket was a common thing for Ashley and Ellie. But Greyson had never shopped like this before. It was his first time at a supermarket

and he looked around in wonder and curiosity.

Ashley's question brought him back. Averting his eyes from the rows and rows of shelves, he replied innocently, blinking to take everything in, "Yes. This is my first time here." His reaction elicited giggles from Ashley and Ellie.

A couple passed by, pushing their shopping cart forward. To Greyson's immense surprise, he found a little boy sitting in the cart beside the vegetables they were shopping. "Ashley, what's that? It's so practical! I can't believe it is big enough to contain vegetables and a little boy!" Greyson exclaimed, pointing excitedly at the cart.

Ashley looked up at the couple with the shopping cart. The little boy, nestled comfortably in the cart, was only two or three years old. And as he spotted Ashley looking at him, he giggled and waved his tiny hands at her.

Amused at Greyson's excitement, Ellie smiled and pulled a shopping cart towards them.

"This is called shopping cart. You usually choose one when you shop in the supermarket. And the reason why it's so convenient is that you can put snacks, vegetables or anything you want in it, even a little kid. Is that clear?" Ashley explained patiently.

Greyson nodded. "But only little kids? What a pity! I'd have loved to be able to sit in it too," he murmured and looked almost wistfully at the shopping cart.

Then he whirled around towards Ellie and asked with the most innocent and puppy-dog eyes, "Ellie, can I push this cart? Please! Come on, let me try it!"

This supermarket was his world right now; a world full of curiosities waiting to be explored.

"Of course. Here you go. But be careful and don't push it too fast," Ellie explained, showing him how to push the cart.

Greyson excitedly took it from Ellie and pushed the cart through the aisles, looking around in wonder.


fish look different?" Greyson asked, looking adorably incredulous.

Ashley was stunned. "What kind of fish have you seen before?" she asked incredulously.

"Wait, let me think. I have seen pan fried fish, pickled fish, sweet and sour fish, and fish in chilli sauce," Greyson replied earnestly.

Ashley didn't know what to say to him. She turned to look at Ellie.

Ellie shrugged and said nothing.

Ashley thought for a minute, then answered softly, "Fish can be cooked in many different ways. But before you cook it, you must kill it and remove its internal organs. Do you get it?"

"What? Really?" said Greyson in a shocked voice. It had never occurred to him that the fish could have once been alive before being served to him on a plate.

The term "internal organs" filled him with disgust. Now, he didn't want to eat fish anymore.

Poor little Greyson! It looked like Ashley's words had scared him.

Ashley opened her mouth to say more but Greyson quickly interrupted her, "I changed my mind about that. I don't want to eat fish. It's too much of a hassle." He looked away from the fish as he said these words.

Ashley was confused. 'Why did he change his mind? Did I say something wrong?' she thought worriedly.

Cooking fish wasn't difficult according to Ashley.

But Greyson clearly didn't think so.

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