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   Chapter 72 Signed The Contract

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Ashley and Ellie followed Greyson. They noticed the sudden change in his facial expression and couldn't help but have a feeling of being cheated.

However, since they had promised Greyson, then it didn't seem a good idea to go back on their word.

Greyson walked into the store again with Ashley and Ellie in tow. The same middle-aged man came to greet them. Greyson gave him a questioning look as if to ask, 'Is the contract ready?' The man nodded discreetly to Greyson.

Ashley and Ellie didn't feel the need to say anything because they had already seen this storefront before and they were both satisfied with everything the way it was. The man handed the contract over to the girls and they read through it carefully.

While Ashley and Ellie read through the details of the contract, the man wiped the sweat from his brow. He was glad that he drew up the contract promptly after Greyson's instructions and now he sat back feeling relieved.

However, the more Ashley and Ellie read through the contract, the more surprised they were.

They had rented stores in the past and also read some tenancy contracts, so they were familiar with the usual requirements. But this contract was different from the usual ones that they had read before.

And given the location of this storefront, it was definitely worth anywhere between ten thousand and twenty thousand dollars in rent of which the girls were prepared to pay.

However, the rent amount that was written in this contract was only five thousand per month. Ashley and Ellie couldn't believe that he was asking for such a small amount.

What was more, the contract was supposed to be very strict and more in favor of the owner. However, all of the terms in the contract were written up to be all in their benefit.

Ashley looked up at the owner and couldn't help but ask, "I'm sorry. I wonder if you may have made a mistake when you drew up this contract?" When she read through all of the terms and conditions of the contract it was obvious that the owner would suffer losses. And if that was the case, then what would be the purpose of him leasing the store out in the first place?

The middle-aged man's eyes twinkled and he gave Ashley a friendly smile. He said, "You are funny, Miss Mu. I am s

couldn't help but chuckle.

They had Greyson hooked on Hot Pot.

Then Ashley suddenly had an idea.

"We only go to the Hot Pot restaurant once in a while. If you want to eat Hot Pot, then let's go to the supermarket. Let's buy the ingredients and make it ourselves at home, I bet it will taste even better," said Ashley.

The girls liked to eat Hot Pot as well. They had made it a few times at home. So, all they had to do was go to the supermarket and buy the necessary ingredients for it.

And to Greyson, he seemed to know one more place, that was "supermarket".

"Cool. Let's go to the supermarket," he said after hearing that Ashley was going to cook Hot Pot for them.

Ashley checked the time on her phone, which was 4 o'clock in the afternoon. It wasn't too late to shop for the ingredients and then begin to make the Hot Pot.

Soon they all left and went to the supermarket closest to their home.

Once the trio entered the supermarket, they attracted a lot of attention from the other shoppers. Watching the combination of a handsome boy and two pretty girls, people found themselves drawn to admire them, especially Greyson.

When Greyson entered the supermarket, his eyes scanned everything around him like a radar. He was so full of curiosity.

Ashley glanced at him and noticed that he was interested and curious in everything and asked, "Dear Greyson, haven't you ever been to a supermarket before?"

Otherwise, why would he be looking at everything with so much interest?

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