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   Chapter 71 Please Accept It

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 5827

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If Greyson wanted this shop, he could have just told the owner. The middle-aged man wondered why he went through so much trouble?

Suddenly Ashley and Ellie popped up in his head. Was Greyson doing all this for those two women?

"If so, I had better remember this so that I don't displease them in the future," he made a mental note.

Thinking about what Greyson said to him before leaving, the mid-aged man snapped out of his musings and ordered his people to draw up a contract.


"Ashley, why are you looking so worried?" Ellie glanced at Ashley sitting there looking miserable and felt helpless.

She never expected Ashley to get so mad about this. Greyson had only done this out of goodwill.

"It's nothing. I just don't want him to be involved in this," Ashley stated.

Lena didn't like her and was always trying to sabotage her plans. She did not want other people to become collateral damage in this sibling war.

"But Greyson doesn't know that, so don't be mad at him, alright? Your grumpy face stinks!" Ellie complained.

Ashley shot her a warning look.

"Ashley, did I do anything wrong?" asked Greyson looking sad.

Ellie looked at Greyson's face and then at Ashley's annoyed face. Greyson looked like he was close to tears. She dragged him to her side, "No, you did nothing wrong. It's just that we don't want to trouble you with this. Don't overthink it."

Ellie was fond of him and hated to see him look so desolate.

If Francis was here and saw everything that Greyson had done, he would be so pissed. He would be calling him a little devil.

Francis recognised Greyson for the wolf in sheep skin that he was.

Though he had an outrageously adorable baby face, his actions were the exact opposi

ponse and seized the chance to persuade them harder.

"Then it all works out! Friends are supposed to help each other," he proclaimed.

Greyson was serious and Ashley almost believed it.

"And, Ashley, this is not a gift. It's a reward for the bread and water you offered me last time," he added.

Now there would be no reason for Ashley to say no.

"No, I did that as a simple gesture. We can't accept such a generous offer." Besides, Harkim was involved in this and Greyson would surely get into trouble if they accepted his offer.

And Ashley feared those people the most.

"You obviously don't consider me your friend. Why else would you not accept this?" Greyson looked at Ashley sadly as though he was hurt, and Ashley had bullied him.

Ashley felt helpless. On one hand, she knew that Greyson was doing this out of goodwill, but she just couldn't accept his generosity.

No matter how hard he tried to convince her, she would not accept this shop from Greyson.

But he did everything he could, including begging, which finally made Ashley change her mind.

Then he stopped grovelling and dragged Ashley and Ellie back to the shop.

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