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   Chapter 69 Greyson's Arrangement

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Considering Alvin's character, Greyson thought that it might be good for him to let Alvin be his man and follow him around to work for him.

Even though Alvin had no idea why Greyson would ask him what he could do, he still managed to make a reply. With all honesty, he answered, "I can cook food, wash clothes, use computer, design..."

Upon hearing Alvin say that he could cook food and wash clothes, Greyson suddenly felt that he seemed to find a man who could help him do household chores.

He was surprised that such a handsome young man with a delicate face could even cook food and wash clothes.

However, Greyson didn't need him to do any housework, as there was already someone responsible for doing housework in his house.

But when he learned that Alvin was interested in computer, Greyson felt a bit more satisfied. He thought his qualifications would really serve him best.

Since Alvin at least had his own professional skill, Greyson decided to let him stay by his side to do things for him. If Alvin could only do housework like cooking meals and washing clothes, without being good at doing other things, Greyson might surely be disappointed in him and make him leave right away.

Noticing that Alvin seemed to go on saying, Greyson immediately interrupted him, "Okay. I see. You don't need to explain further."

Inside him, he thought that if Alvin would keep on speaking, his words might make him so drowsy that he would even fall asleep right there and then.

"Okay. You can go for now. I will contact you in case I'll need your services. You don't have to be afraid of them now. They won't dare bully you again," With an encouraging expression, Greyson consoled Alvin.

Prepared to leave, Alvin nodded in return grateful for Greyson's show of concern.

After Alvin left, Greyson slowly made his way out of the Starlight Club.

Taking out his phone, he made a call to someone, telling him to look and prepare a shop for him. He would go visit and check it tomorrow.

The person on the other end of the line who received Greyson's phone call got stunned at the sudden order, but after hearing Greyson's words, he promised that he would try his best to find the best shop which would satisfy Greyson.

After hanging up the phone, Greyson opened his WeChat account and chatted with Ellie.

Luckily, he had also asked Ellie for her contact information last time as he knew that Ashley would not share anything to him.

It seemed that Ellie could be more easily persuaded than Ashley, and Ellie couldn't resist the lure of Greyson's charm. Thus in a matter of just minutes, she would tell Greyson about anything as long as Greyson said something to please or flatter her in some way.

When her phone lit up, Ellie was watching the hit TV series with Ashley after having dinner.

While all their at

scheduled time. Why do we have to get up so early?" Ashley shouted at Ellie.

"It is better to get to meet him early than late, right?" Ellie responded teasingly.

Greyson was a native of J City and was very familiar with the city. However, even though Ashley and Ellie also grew up in J City, they only knew a few places within the city and were not that familiar with some of the beautiful places.

They both focused on their studies when they were students and were only busy with their work after graduation, so they didn't have any time to go out for fun.

This time, Greyson took Ashley and Ellie to a zoo.

The zoo was filled with many kinds of animals, and a variety of plant species too. Attractions and interactive spots could also be enjoyed in the zoo.

Since the three of them, especially Greyson who had a delicate baby face, were good-looking, they attracted a lot of people's attention wherever they went.

Looking at them as they enjoyed their stroll across the zoo, onlookers guessed that the two big sisters took their younger brother to the zoo for fun. Some might say they were really close.

They had no idea that in fact, it was Greyson who took Ashley and Ellie there to have fun.

They spent the whole morning there feeding and watching all of the animals including snakes, parrots, peafowl, camels and many more.

Of course, their feet ached after they walked so long inside the zoo. While having a good time in the zoo, they also took a lot of photos. They even laughed hard whenever they captured an awkward pose in the photo. Ellie even thought of funny captions she would tag when she would upload the pictures on social media.

After they enjoyed watching all of the animals at the zoo, they grabbed something to eat before leaving. After the meal, with a mysterious grin on his face, Greyson asked Ashley and Ellie to follow him to a place.

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