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   Chapter 68 What Can You Do For Me

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It was the nature of human beings. People shouldn't be too nice to others, or else they would be preyed on by the ruthless.

"What shall we do?" one guy asked anxiously. He was standing there, fidgeting with his feet.

"We couldn't do anything right now," the man in charge replied, looking into the distance. "We have to wait and see if anything else happens." His voice sounded very cold and his face was serious.

Alvin didn't get up until the group of people left the room.

He was dressed in a shabby black-and-white sportswear, but he looked young and sharp-featured.

His face was as beautiful as a girl's, but his eyebrows were thick and masculine.

Before, Greyson had heard some things about the Luo family. Since he had nothing to do with those murmurs, he gradually forgot about them as time passed.

When Alvin got up from the couch, Greyson realized how much taller he was than him.

After a few moments, Greyson walked to where Alvin was and sat next to him.

Indeed, Alvin didn't know much about the Mu family. Basic information was only what he had.

He knew that Spencer married Peggy and that they had a son and a daughter. His son was abroad and his daughter was now working for the Luo Group. A different Luo.

Although Alvin's family wasn't as powerful as it used to be, Alvin made sure that he paid close attention to the noble families.

Slowly, Alvin turned to Greyson, staring at his face. A hint of astonishment was stamped on his face.

Alvin couldn't see Greyson's face clearly in the dark, but he could tell that Greyson wasn't a simple man. 'He definitely has a strong man aura, ' he said silently, staring at Greyson. 'Or else those men wouldn't maintain such a respectful attitude in front of him.'

Somehow, Alvin was caught off guard by Greyson's innocent face. 'Adorable, ' he said to himself, a small smile creeping up his lips.

Aware of Alvin's surprise, Greyson quipped, "Hey, what the hell are you looking at? Mind your manners!" His lips curled into a pout and his brows became furrowed. "Answer my

," replied Greyson firmly. It was his final decision.

Alvin, as a sign of defeat, lowered his head. When Greyson saw this, he felt a sudden urge to comfort the guy.

Now he was not sure if he was right in declining Alvin's request. 'What shall I do?' Greyson thought, close to panicking.

After a few moments, Greyson gave up and changed his stance. 'It isn't bad having him around. He could be a little brother to me, ' he said to himself.

Greyson was the youngest in the family and among his friends, he was also the youngest. It made him feel helpless.

'But if I take him in, then things would be different!' thought Greyson.

At the thought of this, he examined Alvin, looking at him up and down. 'Handsome with the perfect figure, ' he thought, impressed. "What can you do for me?" he asked Alvin.

After being declined by Greyson twice, Alvin felt so frustrated. He was so absorbed in his thoughts that Greyson's question didn't really register in his brain. But once his mind was able to process it, he was stunned. He looked up and stared at Greyson with a puzzled look.

Greyson asked again, "Didn't you say that you want to follow me? So tell me - what you could do for me? I don't want to have a subordinate who is good for nothing."

'Subordinate? What does he mean?' Alvin asked inwardly, shocked and confused. Greyson had misunderstood Alvin.

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