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   Chapter 67 I Might Know Something

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The young men mentally scanned through all the information in their minds about the prestigious families of J City but nobody could recollect the Mu family.

If the Mus found out that their reputation in society was so dismal, they would be chagrined.

But in reality, the wealth and position of the Mu family could only be categorized as third-class, which meant it was inferior even to the second-class families to which these young men belonged. Naturally, this group didn't know this family at all.

"The Mu family? It seems that this family doesn't exist in J City," replied Beck Chen, who seemed to be the leader of this gang.

His confused expression told Greyson he had never heard of this family.

The others also nodded in affirmation, "Yes, Greyson. There is no family whose last name is Mu in J City. Have you got the name wrong?"

Greyson had enlisted the help of these young prodigal men to learn about the Mus. Although they had never worked a day in their lives, their family business would be handed to them on a platter by their parents.

As they belonged to the same strata, they knew more inside secrets and gossip than those working within the organizations.

They seemed to be carefree about everything, except their inheritance. They would not stand to be substituted by other successors, not even those from their own family.

Most of these spoiled brats were not as innocent as they seemed. Nobody knew what was going on in their heads.

When Greyson found out that they knew nothing about the Mu family, his face fell.

Greyson was disappointed because he assumed that these people would know more about J City's prestigious families than common people. He was certain he would get a satisfying answer from them. But he was wrong. Surprisingly, nobody here knew anything about that family. What infuriated him the most was that these impudent upstarts suspected that he got the name wrong! He was not a fool. The name was right! So how could this happen?

Just then, a man in the

d that he would agree to this deal was a mystery to Greyson. 'Do I look so eager to find information about the Mu family?' he thought to himself.

"All of you leave now, and don't make any trouble for him from now on," he ordered. He looked at them sternly.

They were dejected by this turn of events but were unable to disobey Greyson's command, so they had no choice but to leave the room as instructed by him.

When they were out of earshot, they couldn't help but discuss what just happened. Thanks to the good sound insulation in the room, they knew that they wouldn't be overheard by Greyson.

"Beck, how can we just let Alvin win? What if Greyson is happy with the information he provides and the Luo family gets a new start because of it?"

A yellow-hair man was the first to inquire as soon as they left the room.

"Do we have a choice? No, we don't. He is the only one who knows about the Mu family. So how can we stop him?" Beck questioned gloomily as he couldn't think of a way to change this situation.

What was more, Greyson had warned them about causing trouble to Alvin, so they couldn't even take revenge!

Since the collapse of the Luo family business, bullying Alvin had become one of their hobbies. He had done nothing bad to them when his family was prosperous.

But they would never appreciate him for that!

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