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   Chapter 66 A Mu Family

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There was some prime land in the south of the city that was going to be auctioned off and the Mu family wanted it. The auction was about to begin and Peggy felt anxious.

"All right, Mom. I know. I will handle it," Lena reassured her mother with confidence.

Peggy looked proudly upon her confident daughter and nodded with satisfaction

Peggy had been so fortunate in life and luck seemed to be always on her side. Firstly she met Spencer and then gave birth to two beautiful children, Ron and Lena. Both her son and daughter had made her proud and they were outstanding.


Ever since Greyson had told his mother that he was going on a date, Roxie would always glance behind him expectantly whenever he came home, with the hope that his new girlfriend would come with him.

It made Greyson feel guilty. He shouldn't have given Roxie the false hope and lied to her just to make her feel happy.

The Yun family had two sons, Greyson and his older brother, Troy. Troy was a man of stable character and had been greatly influenced by their father. He joined the army when he was quite young.

However, Roxie had always liked girls more and wanted a daughter. When she was pregnant with Greyson, she was so sure that the baby was going to be a girl, that she even bought everything for a baby girl.

But when the baby was finally born and Roxie found that it was yet another boy, she felt quite disappointed at that time. And since she had bought everything for a baby girl, she raised and treated Greyson more like a girl when he was just a baby.

Perhaps that was why Greyson was, the way he was. Because Roxie had mothered him too much and was too lenient with him.

Greyson always liked to play with computers ever since his childhood. And over the years he had honed his computer skills so well, that he became a first-class hacker. If he needed to find out some information, all he needed to do was punch in a few keys on the keyboard and invade anyone's computer or network equipment.

Yesterday, when he had dinner with Ashley and Ellie, he sensed that they were hiding something from him. Normally he wouldn't care or take any notice, but, his curiosity was piqued as to what it could be.

So Greyson decided to figure it out by himself.

In the Starlight Club, the loud sound of energetic music that was pumping out from the massive speakers, was deafening.

The dance floor

s to do, why don't you just call us. You shouldn't have bothered yourself to come here in person." A young man with dyed yellow hair that was sitting next to him spoke up.

If they didn't dye their hair or wear unusual styled clothes, they would all be attractive young men.

Most people who saw them felt intimidated by the way they dressed and wondered why they would want to look like that.

And it wasn't as though they couldn't afford nice clothes, because each of the young men came from a very wealthy family that lived in J City. Their families were also much more powerful and wealthier than Lena's family, but they were only Greyson's followers.

The Mu family was so insignificant in J City that Greyson hadn't even heard of them.

"It's fine. You don't need to flatter me I just want to ask you, is there a Mu family in J City?" Greyson questioned.

Ashley and Ellie didn't tell him the whole story, but it was enough information for Greyson to put two and two together and work it out.

"Mu family?" The group of men looked at each other in confusion and were speechless as to why Greyson would ask a question like that.

These men were only casual acquaintances, Greyson didn't consider them as his friends.

However, the group were all keen to have a good rapport with Greyson because of his identity. But Greyson didn't care about that. In the end, everyone used their advantage in exchange for what they needed from each other. And at times these young men from wealthy families could be of some use to him.

Like in this particular instance, he was not disappointed.

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