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   Chapter 65 Pride Dripped From Lena's Voice

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No matter what the senior staff had to say, Johnny refused to enter that office again.

'They are talking complete nonsense! And I don't want to take the risk of bothering Mr. Lu.

I just walked out of that scary office and I don't have courage to enter it again so soon!' thought Johnny.

Ashley held up the jade pendant and examined it. She had taken care of this pendant for more than ten years. But she hadn't expected to be told that this wasn't what she thought it was.

The fake one looked so similar to the original that she wouldn't have realized it if Peggy hadn't told her the truth.

And now Peggy had used the original one to threaten Ashley and wrangle what she wanted out of her.

Ashley somehow knew that the jade pendant was a crucial clue towards finding her real family. And to see that Peggy had the one thing that was bound to shed light on her family irritated her to no end.

She wanted to find her real family and this jade pendant might be crucial.

"What happened to you? Why are you so absent-minded? And what's this? Why have you taken off your pendant? I told you to keep it on!" Ellie rattled off a series of curious, well-intentioned questions when she saw Ashley sitting on the sofa and gazing at the jade pendant absent-mindedly.

"Nothing has happened," Ashley said, putting the pendant back on and smiling at Ellie. "I was just checking if it would help me remember anything about the past." Ashley put away the jade pendant and smiled at Ellie.

She didn't want to tell Ellie what Peggy said to her that morning because she knew Ellie. And Ellie was the kind of girl who would lose sleep over anything that was troubling Ashley.

"Have you recollected anything from the past?"

Ashley shook her head. "No. It isn't easy. Moreover, I was just a little child at that time. Those might as well be things that I never can remember."

"Don't be disappointed. What if your memory returns one day? Maybe your family is also making every effort to look for you. So don't give up," Ellie comforted Ashley.

Ashley nodded, trying to quell that sadness and disappointment in her heart. Ellie's words were like a balm to her sore heart, gradually relieving the constant pain.

"By the way," Ellie said, diverting the topic, "I found some shops on the Internet this morning. How abou

nd will only belong to me. Moreover, I can taunt her for the rest of her life!'

Lena was ecstatic at the thought of Ashley marrying a complete stranger who was nowhere close to even being compared to Raymond in any aspect. And she felt, after all this, she would emerge the absolute winner soon. After this, she found she didn't care much about the jade pendant anymore.

"You're right, Mother," Lena said obediently, convinced.

"How are you getting along with Mrs. Luo?" Peggy asked.

"She likes me very much. I've been doing what you've been telling me. I visited her at her house, invited her to go shopping whenever my time permitted, and paid attention to her likes and dislikes so that we're on the same frequency," Lena said, pride dripping from her voice.

Mrs. Luo was very happy with Lena and saw her as Raymond's wife, treating her well.

Satisfied with what Lena told her, Peggy said, "That's good. That's very good. There's a project for which we need the Luo family's help. You know that piece of land in the south of the city? So, the most important thing for you now is to maintain a close relationship with the Luos. Because when the time comes and we bid for that land, we might need the Luo family's help."

While the Mu family had its hands in the tourism industry, the Luos were a part of the real estate industry.

And while that piece of land in the south of the city wasn't suitable for building houses, it was a prime location in which to develop a tourist attraction. This was what the Mu family's interests came in.

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