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   Chapter 64 The CEO Of The Lu Group

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What Johnny saw stunned him to his core. 'What is this?' he said to himself, in utter disbelief.

With his preconceived notions of what Andrew was as a person, he didn't understand why such things were in Andrew's office.

They were romantic novels.

'Normally, ' he thought to himself, 'only young women like reading these kinds of things. How did this appear in the CEO's office?'

In his peripheral vision, he suddenly saw Andrew cast him a cold glance. It made him realize that he might have acted a little too excited and surprised at his discovery.

Being Andrew's personal assistant for a long time now, he knew he shouldn't show any kind of astonishment on his face whenever he came across things like this.

'You better calm down!' he reprimanded himself.

Balling his fist, he took a deep breath and tried to move on.

But he just couldn't help but be astounded by the fact that Andrew was reading romantic novels in his office.

It was something so revelatory that he couldn't stay calm.

Laughing silently at himself, he began to wonder whether the CEO sitting in front of him was a fake one or whether Andrew was possessed and controlled by another person's spirit.

He of course didn't dare tell Andrew what was in his mind at that moment.

Andrew couldn't understand what was happening with Johnny.

After he was given the investigation results, he quickly pulled a long face and started studying them, giving off a strong aura of coldness.

Johnny was beside him, and he could definitely feel his uneasiness due to the aura he was giving off.

While looking at the report, Andrew couldn't help but be impressed. The work Johnny gave him was solid. Working with Johnny for a long time now, he knew that he would surely carry out a thorough investigation and get real and detailed information without making a mistake.

When Andrew reached the part of the document that revealed that Lena asked Ashley and Mr. Chen to go to the Harkim on the same day with the intention of letting Mr. Chen sexually assault Ashley, his hands shook.

He was livid. 'So if I didn't stay at the Harkim and didn't meet Ashley, Lena could have been successful, '

he thought, anger burning in his chest. Although nothing unpleasant happened to Ashley in the end, Andrew couldn't help but be indignant.

He couldn't imagine what would have happened to Ashley if he wasn't there that evening.

With resentment simmering in his insides, he started to hold a grudge against the Mu Group, the Mu family and Lena, who

ryone around him. "Mr. Lu has something more important to deal with right now, so don't go to disturb him. Otherwise, you might get into trouble." His tone was threatening.

Upon hearing what he said, the senior leaders became very anxious and upset, not knowing what to do now as they could not have the urgent documents signed. They all wondered what was happening to Andrew these past few days and what was taking him so long to sign the documents. Despite their frustration, no one dared push Andrew to do anything quickly.

Even if it annoyed them, they knew that only Johnny would get a chance to get close to Andrew to remind him to do something. Because of that, they all pinned their hopes on him.

Johnny noticed all of them staring at him with such eagerness, and all he could feel was stress. "Don't look at me like that," he said, his tone defensive. "You all know that I can't do anything about it. Mr. Lu seems to be in a bad mood now, so I won't go to him at this moment. You can go inside and talk to him personally if you really want him to sign those documents." 'Mr. Lu would be in no mood to deal with anything

after he just learned the kind of atrocities the Mu family have done to Ashley, ' he silently added.

"Johnny, could you please go inside and help us remind Mr. Lu? Those documents are really very important to us," one of the senior leaders begged.

Even though these senior leaders were older than Andrew, enjoyed a high status in the company, and no one dared offend them, they were all afraid of Andrew. They got nervous if they met or talked to him.

"That's right, Johnny. Please. Only you can help us now," another senior leader begged.

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