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   Chapter 63 The Boss' Weird Behavior

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Ever since she was a kid, Ashley always wore the shiny jade pendant. As far as she could remember, she had the necklace with her even before she was adopted by the Mu family. It must be given to her by her own family. Although she didn't know what the jade pendant meant for, she instinctively believed that it must be very important to her.

When she first came to live with the Mu family, Lena who was two years younger, saw the jade pendant and cried for it. Ashley was a child then but despite her young age, she knew the importance of the jade pendant.

With all her meager strength, she protected the jade pendant and refused to give it to Lena. Taking Lena as the apple of their eyes, Spencer and Peggy shunned the idea off and thought it was just a jade pendant and was no big deal.

Helpless and vulnerable as she was, Ashley was only a kid at that time and couldn't win over Peggy in strength.

Thus when Peggy forcibly grabbed the pendant on her neck, Ashley could not fight back and had to let go of the pendant.

Thankfully, without expecting it, the pendant was returned to Ashley after a few days. However, because of the innocence of her youth, Ashley didn't know whether the jade pendant was fake or not during that time. Nevertheless, she had worn it for more than ten years.

Now that she was more matured and could weigh things rationally, she thought things over. How could Peggy be so kind as to return her something she had robbed out of her? How selfish the woman was.

"What the hell do you want me to do?" Enraged, Ashley scorned at Peggy and thought why the Mu family could be so harsh with her.

With her eyebrows raised a little, Peggy answered,"It's easy. You just need to do one thing."

"What would that be?" This time, Ashley stared at Peggy inquisitively sensing that something wrong was about to happen.

Seeing Ashley so shaken, Peggy was certain that she had won the bet this time.

Indeed, she had placed a bet, a very personal bet that Ashley had no idea of. Ever since she took the pendant away from Ashley when she was a child, Peggy had known that the jade pendant was important to Ashley. It must bear sentimental values for her. Making the jade pendant as a bait, Ashley for sure would accept her request. She wouldn't dare say no, lest she would lose a valuable piece that might be the key for her to know her real parents.

Peggy secured the jade pendant happily in her hand. "I have only one request. I just want you to get married, either to Leo or to anybody else. It doesn't matter who you will marry as long as you get married. I'll give you one week to do that."

Astounded at what she had heard, Ashley asked,"What? What if I can't make it in one week?"

With an air of a confident arrogance, Peggy waved the jade pendan

stuff Johnny placed on his desk, starting to read it.

Confused as to what made his boss so busy, Johnny looked at what Andrew had put aside. He knew Andrew could read ten lines with one glance. It was Johnny's first time to see that his boss was so immersed in reading something with great care.

However, the next moment, Johnny was astonished as he had seen something completely contrary to what he had expected.

At first, Johnny didn't dare to check the document, lest Andrew caught him and fired him out of his job. Accidentally, however, some pieces of paper went visible as a slight air from the window blew on them, on which some sentences were highlighted,"The Bossy President Has Fallen in Love with Me","How to Pursue a Beauty". What was more, there were many remarks and notes written on them.

Surprised at what he just saw, Johnny was amused to realize that it was the first time for his boss to do a job so carefully, but not for the business.

With his eyebrows creased in a furrow, Johnny looked away silently and thought the man sitting in his chair right now was not his boss.

As the president of the Lu Group and the decision-maker of the Lu family, Andrew's hands should be used to sign contracts worth millions of dollars, and his eyes were supposed to read contracts and business proposals.

When did he start to read romantic novels which were popular among young girls? Johnny was confused. ...

Not until Andrew looked at him coldly that Johnny stopped reading the document and looked away calmly as if nothing had happened. Struggling to stay calm as he appeared to be, Johnny went weak by the knees and was bothered by the cold sweats that were trickling down his face.

Without any idea of what was happening with Johnny, Andrew continued reading the files handed by Johnny. The more he read, the colder he looked.

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