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   Chapter 62 Peggy's Trick

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Dazed and lost in her own thoughts, Peggy thought even harder when she heard what Lena said, 'The only way to make Raymond forget Ashley is to make her leave the city or get married.'

If she had to choose between the two alternatives, Ashley getting married would be more dependable.

Knowing Raymond's determined behavior, for sure he would move heaven and earth just to find Ashley if she would move to another place. Peggy grew more frustrated at the thought of her daughter's fate. How pathetic she was in waiting and asking for the love of somebody who was in love with someone else. Moreover, knowing Raymond's power and influence, it would be a piece of cake for him to look for Ashley if she went missing.

However, if Ashley would get married things would be different and Raymond would be left with no choice but to keep his distance away from her. Furthermore, Ashley's marriage would give Raymond no excuse to contact her anymore, nor be intimate with her in any way. Worst was, he had to protect the reputation of the Luo Group and as much as possible avoid arousing suspicion among prospects and investors. That wouldn't be good for business.

For a long time, Peggy thought that Lena loved Raymond so much, otherwise, she wouldn't win over Raymond from Ashley by all means.

After all, the union of the two would benefit the Mu family by far. If they would get married, the Mu family would be endowed with great business opportunities and huge business ventures. Thus Peggy was determined to prune every hindrance that came along the way for the marriage to be fulfilled.

Thinking of this, Peggy consoled Lena, "That's ok, sweetheart. Let mommy handle this. What you should do is to continue to be sweet and care about Mrs. Luo like you always do and believe that you can be a qualified daughter-in-law. Do everything to get along well with Raymond. I'm sure that he will fall in love with you as the days go by."

With such willingness, Lena nodded her head abstractedly. Actually, she didn't care whether Raymond would love her or not, because she didn't have a strong feeling of affection for him at all.

The reason why she seduced Raymond on the first place was, he was so fond of Ashley and seemed to be so passionate towards her. That made Lena so jealous and furious, thinking that Ashley had no right to be loved by a prominent man like Raymond. Thus with all her slutty skills, she seduced Raymond and made him shift his affection from Ashley to her. Now, they were engaged and if things would turn out favorable to her, they would get married soon.

Lena herself couldn't understand why she had a lot of suitors, but none of them was like Raymond. He remembered everything when it came to Ashley and cared about every little detail of her life. Seeing Ashley was so happy was torture for Lena.

All this time, Lena thought that Ashley didn't deserve an exceptional man like

e wouldn't introduce him to Ashley.

But it didn't matter. She would be satisfied as long as she reached her goal. Ashley should get married as soon as possible.

"Since you don't think he's not that bad, why not try to be his girlfriend? I think it will be good for both of you," without any hint of exaggeration, Peggy suggested, which made Ashley dumb as she was struck with astonishment.

Trying hard to believe her ears, Ashley was bewildered and stared at Peggy implausibly. 'Did Peggy actually ask her to be Leo's girlfriend?

Does she really think she has the right to make the decision for her? Or is she so sure that she would agree with her decision?' Ashley asked herself in bewilderment.

Observing Peggy's expressions, Ashley said ironically, "Mrs. Su, if I remember right, I think we made a deal last time. I agreed to have a blind date with Leo, and you promised that I wouldn't have anything to do with the Mu family anymore. Now I'm not sure whether your great wit has short memories, or I didn't make it clear at that moment.

Well, it doesn't matter. I don't mind my unclear clarifications or your short memories, because I will willingly help Mrs. Su review it. After all, I recorded our conversation."

Surprised by Ashley's burst of words, Peggy took a sip of coffee and said leisurely, "I know you've recorded our conversation and I don't mean that you will connect with the Mu family again.

My point is, I'm not sure whether you still remember this." Rummaging through her purse, Peggy took out an aquamarine jade pendant from her purse. The pendant was exactly the same as the one on Ashley's neck.

Fixing her eyes toward the pendant on Peggy's hand, Ashley's face darkened. Hatred and frustration brewed inside of her that her face slowly grew gloomy and grim. No one could tell what she was feeling or even what she was thinking. Worst was what she was going to do. Her silence terrified Peggy.

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