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   Chapter 61 Everything Stagnated Between Lena And Raymond

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 12072

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Leo felt like it was the most awkward afternoon he had ever had. Time just went by as Leo and Peggy were chatting, or so it seemed. That afternoon passed so quickly with no important topic arising in their supposed 'conversation'.

Peggy took a look at her watch and found out that it was already five o'clock. As it should always be, Spencer, her husband, would be back soon.

Having been together for years, Peggy knew exactly Spencer's tempers and habits. One that was particularly bizarre was he always hated her association with anyone of the Su family, because he simply... hated them. It was even more perplexing, considering that Peggy herself once lived with the Su family! Spencer simply overlooked that fact and pretended that it never was the case to begin with.

"Alright, it's getting late now. You should probably go back. And never look for me if you have nothing important to say, please," said Peggy apathetically as she half-glanced at Leo.

Although Leo wished to stay a little longer, to wait and see his uncle and, most importantly, his seemingly pretty cousin, he had no other choices but to get ready to leave since Peggy had, rather forcefully, bid him farewell. But he had been yearning to see his cousin Lena for a long time, especially after the last unsuccessful blind date with Ashley.

After Peggy's words, Leo could only stand up obediently and said, "Well, Aunt Peggy, I'm leaving now. I'll come and see you next time."

With a faint smile on her face, Peggy then pronounced, "Terri, take my guest to the door, please!" Though she nodded at Leo, she did not actually pay much attention to what he was saying.

"Oh, yes, ma'am," responded Terri Chen as she walked out quickly of the kitchen and approached Leo. She looked at him and said politely, "Mr. Su, this way, please."

"Mother, I'm home!" Right before Leo and Terri Chen could reach the door, there came this sudden but pleasant sound from the other side of the door and then the door of the villa was pushed open.

Almost at the same time, Peggy and Leo turned their heads to look at the direction where the voice came from.

When the door was widely opened, what they saw was Lena in a white lace dress with high-heeled white shoes. Under the lace dress, her skin looked as white as snow and the white dress made her skin look even fairer and more delicate. With the high-heeled shoes, her legs looked even slenderer and sexier.

Her black straight hair was waist-length, with a bit curl at the end of the hair. There was the latest Chanel bag in her hand, and her fingers looked very slim while they rested on the bag. With a touch of makeup on her delicate oval face, she looked so youthful and gorgeous. Leo gazed at Lena ever since the moment she popped into his eyes, unable to look away or even blink.

Meanwhile, Lena took only a brief look at Leo, who was standing in front of her, after she opened the door and she was kind of taken aback at the sight of Leo. For one, she knew nothing about him. Another reason was his look disgusted her. She then turned and looked at Peggy, and she uttered, "Mother, we have a guest at home?"

"Lena, you came earlier today, didn't you? And, oh, he's nobody and he's going to leave anyway. So you don't need to think about him. It's all right, dear, come here," replied Peggy as she stepped toward Lena and embraced her, distracting her focus on him, quickly. Peggy's tone was so dry when she mentioned the "nobody" part. It sounded like she really meant what she said, and it seemed like it.

A few paces away from them, Leo was still standing at the sa

xpression dramatically changed at Peggy's words as if she just saw a monster. She found it hard to believe that she had such a relative.

"He's not your biological cousin though, since I was adopted by the Su family. Your father doesn't like me to have too much association with them, that's why I didn't tell you anything about them before. Even now that you've known about them, you should still keep your distance from them. It won't do you any favor to get close to them," added Peggy with a serious look on her face.

Lena was so relieved at Peggy's speech and her facial expression softened a lot. 'Thank god he's not my biological cousin!' she mumbled to herself. She couldn't help feeling sick at the slightest thought of Leo being her cousin even for a second.

"All right, I got it, Mother," replied Lena, with a peace of mind, knowing that she obviously had nothing to do with Leo, at least biologically.

She always thought that she was born as the daughter of the Mu family as well as a rich lady. She also felt that she was superior to others all this time. There was no way for her to stay any closer to the Su family for it meant a degradation to her lifestyle.

What a coincidence that Lena thought very similarly as her mother! No wonder they were the mother and daughter. They just possessed the same attitude on how to treat the Su family without prior discussion between them.

"Well, tell me how's everything going between you and Raymond." Peggy slipped the topic of their conversation to shift her attention.

"What did you mean by that?" echoed Lena in a faint voice.

"Come on, you know what I meant. How does he treat you lately? Does he have feelings for you now?" grumbled Peggy. She felt exasperated at her daughter's negligence on her relationship with Raymond at this moment.

"Nothing special. I don't even think we have a progress. Ashley is all he thinks about. He's obsessed to her like a drunk man. He's just not into me," uttered Lena as she became angry at the thought of Ashley.

'Why the hell am I not better than Ashley in Raymond's mind?!

I'm the biological daughter of the Mu family while she's just an adopted daughter. She's not a match to me, no matter what.

Even under every other possible circumstance, she is remotely as good as me. It doesn't matter what her education is or her appearance looks like!' thought Lena in great rage.

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