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   Chapter 60 Having A Good Time

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They added fish slices and shrimps into the simmering pot of soup. People who were crazy about hot pot would always put those in.

Greyson was a foodie but it was his first time trying hot pot.

Discretely, he observed what Ashley and Ellie were doing and he was able to learn the ways of eating hot pot quickly. 'You put the food in the pot and then you can eat it, ' he said to himself.

'But time is important. Some ingredients need to be cooked a little longer and some don't.'

"Try this, Greyson. It's really good," the two foodies recommended as they kept adding food to his plate.

They hadn't known him for a long time, but they had already thought of Greyson as their friend. They were at ease with him.

Although the two girls ordered plenty of food, the three didn't waste any. When they finished the meal, they were so full that they could barely button their pants.

As a sign of gratitude, Greyson wanted to pay their bill. However, since it was Ashley's treat, she refused his proposal adamantly.

She then went to the counter to pay the bill, leaving Ellie and Greyson in their seats.

While alone in each other's company, Greyson and Ellie started to chat.

"Ellie, may I know your WeChat account?" Greyson asked. "I only have an older brother. Since you and Ashley have been so nice to me, I feel like you are my sisters," he admitted shyly. "I really would like to be friends with the both of you. How about we exchange WeChat accounts so we can keep in touch?" His cheeks were turning bright red.

Ellie had no heart to refuse his request.

The two not only exchanged their WeChat accounts but also phone numbers.

When Ashley made her way back to their table from the counter, she found the two talking and laughing.

The whole scene rendered her speechless. 'She said that she was afraid that I might be fooled, and she even suspected Greyson was a bad person.

So what's going on in there?' she said to herself in disbelief.

'It looks like she's having a good time with him.' Despite her surprise, she couldn't help but be amused. 'Oh, forget it. Perhaps she h

n ugly woman.

But the luxurious interior of Peggy's villa and her unreachable aura were causing his brain to malfunction.

Thanks to Peggy, his family was able to lead a comfortable life. He even studied abroad. Believing his rich aunt would help him find a job, he didn't focus on studying while he was out of the country and instead, he spent time and money dating girls. His aunt even helped him get his diploma by bribing people in the university.

And now, she just asked him to go on a date with a repulsive girl. The bad thing was, if she asked him to marry that girl, no one in his family would oppose the marriage.

After all, she was a rich lady.

Peggy intended to ask Leo how his date went but his words had already pleased her.

A satisfied look appeared on her face. Lena was her daughter. Hearing Leo praise Lena delighted her.

However, she didn't realize that Leo never met her daughter. When Leo came back from abroad, he was asked to go on a blind date.

The pleasure on Peggy's face confirmed his assumption that the girl on the photo was Lena.

'My date was Ashley. Why did she give me Lena's photo and said she was the girl I was going to meet?' he wondered.

Since he couldn't understand why his aunt would do such a thing, he wanted to ask questions. He, however, didn't blurt out his doubts for he didn't want to bug Peggy. 'She has her own reasons, ' he thought.

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