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   Chapter 59 Hot Pot

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Ashley was astonished at what Greyson had just said.

He was already 24 -

one year older than her!

But age had been kind to him and he looked younger than he actually was.

Ashley was silent, not wanting to say anything.

"Ellie, did I say something wrong? Ashley looks unhappy," Greyson asked Ellie, confused.

"Oh, it's nothing!" Ellie said. "She's just a little surprised by your age. Can you guess how old she is?"

"22 or 23?" Greyson said tentatively.

"Correct! She's 23. And you know how much girls are bothered by looking older. Ashley's one year younger than you are, but people think she's your older sister. Could she be more upset?" Ellie said, her face a picture of concern. But at the look on Greyson's face, she couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"I guess you could take Ashley to be your elder sister, only she's younger than you," Ellie joked, handing Ashley another cruel blow.

"Okay, shut up, Ellie!" Ashley rasped, glaring at Ellie.

"I'm sorry if that bothers you. I do look younger than my own age, so every time I go out and people see me, they think I am still a juvenile," Greyson said gloomily.

"It's okay. You look cute," Ashley said.

"Yeah, I know. I love the way I look," Greyson smiled.

Gazing at Greyson, Ashley became speechless again. He was cute, but so much cuter when he smiled.

"Where do you work?" he asked. And then as an afterthought, he said excitedly,"Maybe we work in the same company but we don't know that we do!"

"Ha ha, Little Greyson, you are so cute!"

Greyson stiffened at the nickname.

He had never thought that Ashley would call him that.

Greyson hated being called 'Little Greyson' and lost his temper every time someone called him that. But strangely enough, he kind of liked it when Ashley used it on him.

If Francis were here, he would definitely have taken Greyson to task for bending the rules for Ashley. 'It would have been a hell of a fight, ' Greyson mused.

"We used to work f

ften came to this restaurant. The food here was fresh and the soup in the hot pot was pungent and spicy. And this was the authentic Sichuan hot pot that they absolutely loved.

The three of them settled down at a table by the window.

Greyson quickly adapted to the new environment without any discomfort. No matter what questions Ashley and Ellie threw at him, he answered quite charmingly.

When asked what he'd like to eat, he smiled every single time and said that he was fine with anything and everything. His answers charmed Ashley and Ellie even more and his amiability further appealed him to them.

Although Ashley knew that Greyson was older than her, she saw him as the younger brother she never had. He looked so young and adorable.

Not until the waiter brought the pot onto their table along with the other dishes they had ordered, did Greyson feel astonished, but he recovered his calm quickly enough.

This was the first time he was seeing someone eat food like this.

All three of them being a fan of spicy food, Ashley took the liberty of ordering a spicy, glowing red, hot pot soup that had peppers floating in it.

After the soup in the pot had boiled, the two girls began dropping the food into the pot. Most of the food they had ordered was meat, but there were also a few vegetables in there.

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